Dango’s girls!

Dango Jewell is by far, one of my favorite bloggers ever!..She recently asked me and a couple of her (blogger) friends (some of them,  girls I have for so long admired, both as awesome human beings and talented bloggers) and decided to gather us, for a black themed look. It was an honor both as a friend and as a fan to be part of it, so I decided I’d share this picture she took of us in this post. Don’t we all look fieeeerce? check  dango’s blog for credits!!! ❤ Uma

Dango Jewell and her girls!

Credits : Dango Jewell @ http://unsecond.com/dango/

Left to right : Anya Ohmai, Dango Jewell, myself, Milla Michinaga, Vanity Esparza, Sofia Gray and Meru Lyle!