[Aden] – Gen. 5

[Aden] - Gen 5

[Aden] Gen. 5 (Light Nude)

Aden Breyer‘s work (both as a hair designer and skinner) is well known around the grid and since the first ones, Aden’s skins have conquered my heart and pixels. This time is no exception, a skin that has improved but stays true to it’s unique features and Aden’s special touch. I’m happy to show you a little preview of Gen. 5, in nude. Soon to be released and worth the waiting.

❤ Uma

*Hair by >TRUTH< . ‘Makenzie’

*Top and horns by (Milk Motion) for designers united

*Eyes by MADesigns

I also have a little gem to share with you, my friend’s Asami Schnyder work (he drew muh hair a bit on this pic too). He is an amazing artist who I have ‘worked’ together in the past for second style editorial . He’s wanting to do character design pictures, so if you’d like one of yourself, just hit him up. His skills are undeniable and I’m sure you’ll be overwhelmed! ❤

9 thoughts on “[Aden] – Gen. 5

  1. Evie says:

    That skin is gorgeous, I love the subtle shading and the makeup. Makes you look totally different! Stunning I think. Love the hair too

  2. Miabella Foxley says:

    you look so gorgeous here uma! it’s been amazing watching aden develop as a skin creator over the past year. i think his latest skins are by far a testament of how talented he is, and i think he couldn’t have picked a better model to showcase his newest creations ❤

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Thank you Evie, 🙂 I did edit the picture a bit (not the face though) and my friend Asami drew my hair, glad you like it!! ^^

    Aww Mia, I so agree with you, you said it even better than I could, indeed a statement of how talented Aden is, and *BLUSHES* I am really loving my pixels with Gen.5. honored he shared these with me and happy you like it, thank you for making me blush lol!!! *hugs you*

    Riyaa, yes, soft is a good word to describe it, Gen.5 has a classic beauty, reminescent of Aden's older skins and simply beautiful. ^^

    Thank you Leeloo, I wanted a 'dreamy' like picture to match with the feeling of this skin, glad you like it!! ❤

    Abra!! yay!!..thank you sweety, smooches your face! I edited my shape a bit (for the first time ever) so I could bring out the best of this skin's features! Not that much though, and I can see myself wearing this skin forever and ever! Sorry I nagged you the other day btw 😉 <333

    Carolina, aww, thank you thank you!! Stop making me blush y'all!! ai!

    Chalice! Indeed, it is, aww happy you like it. you say luminous, and that's one of the words that can describe how I feel in this skin, along with peaceful. There's a discrete innocence to it, and though it is very soft looking it has a strong confident feel to it! thank you!

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