My love for accessories, My need to feel warm!

This post’s name, says it all. ALL in one. In one outfit. ❤ ! I love accessories, I love them cluttered all around my lil body (and if only I could wear more in sl I WOULD) , I love berets, I love this poncho, I love leggings and I love socks…and socks with sandals. Lol. Yeah, because season’s shouldn’t determine when or if we should (or not) wear opened shoes and though for most might look super weird, I don’t care >_< no I don’t, ’cause I think it looks cute!!…I was listening to Múm when I put this together and it seemed so appropriate, so cold and so warm, just like how  I was feeling and in need for. ❤ Uma

my love for accessories my need to be warm2

My love for accessories, my need to feel warm...

Worn :

Hair – (with beret) – Nico[[Kuromame]] by ++AY.LinE++ (creator is Anywa Nyoki)

Skin – (IS) Niu – Oeste – Natural by (IMAGEN)

Poncho – ‘CORINTH poncho (black)’ by [LeLutka]

Leggings – Nonsensical pants ”wool or tweed” by [Kyoot]

Socks – ‘Knit knee socks (darks) . charcoal’ by (Shiny Things)

Shoes – VENUS sandals . sleek noir’ by *HUB*

Accessories :

Hair bow – ‘My Feather hair bow’ by (Milk Motion) (soon)

Necklaces – ‘My pearl&feather necklace part 1 and 2’ by (Milk Motion) (soon)

Bag – ‘-tb- Chic Satchel (white)’ by Tres Blah

Gloves – ‘Full Finger Gloves White’ by (DoMoCo)

Grapes …++AY.LinE++Grape on Mouth (gacha gacha 20L)

Listening to Múm – ‘Green Grass Of Tunnel’

5 thoughts on “My love for accessories, My need to feel warm!

  1. Emy Aker says:

    This is so so sweet! Here we already are… winter! Blaahh! lol
    But I have to admit that I’m loving this period of the year, when you’re finally at home and it is so warm, having crossed the town with your big scarf and warm gloves, all this under your vest. And then you sit and see how snowy it is outside and you’re truly happy to have finally come home hehe… that’s what your look and pictures recall me!


    xo xo ♥

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    YAY, ❤ Inex, thank you!!! I only miss winter for the awesome layering and clothes ehe, besides that..god, I love spring and summer way more. MUAHS!

    Aww thank you Emy!! 😀 yeah, I bet it's cold over there, it is getting colder here aswell…and I know that feeling so well, it's so amazing. The little things, always the little things, like coming home and watching the rain outside..It's those little things that make me smile too ❤

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