Quote of the day : ”There is so much hate among people, so much contempt inside people who’d like you to think they’re moral, that they have to hire ”prizefighters” to do their hating for them. And we do. We get into a ring and act out other people’s hates.”


I had not planned for this post to be a review. Nor do I think it is, though I feel like expressing my opinion, or, my random thoughts about it. So pardon my rambling…I’ve been pointed to, some rather funny, some thougtful and other rather partial ‘reviews’ of LeLutka’s new skins so I thought I needed to have a saying on it/them. I’ve read a lot about how much people were expecting and eager for Lelutka’s skins to be released and how people thought they ‘looked ugly in them’.  The fact a skin does not look good on you, doesn’t mean the skin itself is ugly looking. Maybe and without the intention of sounding too rude, your shape doesn’t fit it, it is not the best for it, or maybe your shape is just plain ugly. Being beautiful or ugly, is always relative (each and everyone have their own opinion, input and perspective about it) you cannot judge a skin because it doesn’t fit your avi. That is not equal to saying a skin is UGLY.

Second thing I noticed was people complaining about the eyebrows. More than anything else, which apparently ‘perplexed’ a lot of  ‘you’ ! It’s funny because in the past a lot have complained about how ‘overly plucked’ the eyebrows seemed and now, they’re just NOT enough.  Rather than thinking they’re just too ‘bushy’, you could think, now you have two options (both in old and new skins), to have more plucked and more ‘natural’ looking eyebrows. I personally think a little tweak on your eyebrows SHAPE, makes a whole and big difference, and you can actually DO THAT.

Not that skins should follow a trend, but one has clearly not noticed Alexander Wang‘s latest collection (as far as face/hair goes, eyebrows are rather ‘natural’/thick looking and hair, omg, hair!..PLEASE someone make an alexander wang braid look a like hair). I love truth’s (romy) but can we has a more careless (longer/thinner) one and since I’m whining (and on) about it, why not call it oomsie?..LOL!..joke..I guess. 😦

Another thing I noticed people pointing out, was the nose. Now this is a personal and rather partial opinion. I love the nose shading and how it’s enhanced. Here I can understand people do not fully agree, and may think otherwise, but I dig it. It gives us a whole different look. For most might not work, but for me, it just stands out from the ‘old’ lelutka skins and gives the face both, different character and features. It’s exactly those two things that give ECLAT‘s, a stronger and different character, and thats why I personally love it.

Minnu’s personal ‘touch’ or magic touch for some, is still there (you can recognize her ‘signature’) and you may not love eclat as much as you loved london or moscow or any of her  ‘older’ skins, but honestly, in the end, is how much you feel ‘yourself’, or as ‘beautiful’ as you want to  feel and that will always be debatable. Always questionable.

As for my own opinion, I really like them. Especially the fair, light and sun kissed tones (freckles and hairbase!! yay!). The make up is rather ‘classic’, from the back eyeshadow, to the darker lips, the ‘ice’ queen look with more muted colors both in eye and lips and the natural kind. There’s no crazy/excessive make up but that only adds to more possibilities and day to day basis look or a more polished one when you feel like it. MUAHS ❤ Uma

fair ones

‘ECLAT . Fair makeup3 (DARK BROWS) hairbase freckles


‘ECLAT . Fair make up base (LIGHT BROWS)

light ones

‘ECLAT . Light makeup2 (LIGHT BROWS) freckles


‘ECLAT . Light make up1 (DARK BROWS)

light ones 2

‘ECLAT . Light makeup7 (DARK BROWS) and freckles


‘ECLAT . Light makeup6 (LIGHT BROWS) hairbase


‘ECLAT . sun kissed makeup4 (LIGHT BROWS)


‘ECLAT . sun kissed makeup5 (DARK BROWS)

by [LeLutka]

p.s. I AM no longer running or living through or by sl times but rl ones. Therefore, I am not here to blog about what’s ‘new’ or what’s just ‘released’ and whenever I blog, I blog because I love it, no matter how many times it was blogged before, or if it was blogged ‘years’ ago. Sometimes and most of times (here), it’s just about clothes, about styling, about re-inventing ourselves and our clothes (as I repeated so many times) and though it is surely about sl, it is never about who got it first or who wore it first. ❤ Uma

No PS done on these pics/plain raw from sl

*hair by *Exile*

*dress by ‘THIS IS A FAWN’

26 thoughts on “ECLAT!

  1. samara barzane says:

    I agree that skins are a matter of personal preference, but your apologia for the Eclat skins criticizes those of us who note the faults without giving a strong counter argument. I have a unique shape that is me and it works well with a wide range of skins, including PXL, Tuli and others, including some Gen 2 skins from Minnu. I was looking forward to Eclat, to see if there was a current Lelutka skin I could wear, but I had to delete the demos after trying on 4 of them. I found them harsh, shiny and crude.

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    I am not ‘apologizing’ for any of lelutka’s new skins samara (nor do I think I have to?). I am not sure you read all I said, I am criticizing GENERAL ‘criticism’ actually. There’s no ‘real fault’ in skin, unless you consider nose shading or eyebrows a fault, which I clearly stated I don’t THINK it is (which is not the same as ‘being a fact’). I pointed out some people’s opinion might seem partial (and they are) but in the end, it is always a personal matter. As you said you have a unique shape, but (or as I’d like to think) so do I. The fact it works with our (or just my) shape it doesn’t mean it’s the designer’s fault.
    I have always smirked and ‘slightly’ judged people who diss on ‘big’ (and by big I mean the most famous) designers in sl (or what they call corporate ones) and I think that’s plain wrong. I have witnessed hatred without reason as much as I’ve witnessed plain/honest remarks and opinions about them. My point here was to show my opinion about that, and in the end my personal opinion about these skins.Your opinion is as much valid as mine…If it wasn’t too clear I hope i can be now. 😉

  3. elka says:


    P.S. Didn’t even try them, didn’t even see them (until I saw your pics, the long post took my attention, I was like :O Umapinion!!!!) and never cared, I am not one to “expect” new stuff from designers, even less big known ones… But seeing from the pics, I am thrilled and will try. I love love love darker noses, even tho I do not really even super harsh shading skins. Why? Because they feel frecklish and sunburnished. I also really dig bushy brows recently, having extreme plucked ones in RL for too long, feeling like a drag queen, ashamed, I can be trendy in SL at least. Now doesn’t mean because it’s bushy that it was placed in a flattery way on the SL mesh. This, I’ll have to try for myself to declare love or hate (or indiference for that matter). For whoever wrote the said other reviews, which I didn’t read if anyone cares, just some words: There is a difference between saying “this is ugly” then “this doesn’t fit for me”… Just choose your words wisely. And to play devil’s advocate with myself, on the other hand, who tells you you HAVE to choose your words? Noone… So just be yourself, but be ready to accept consequences then! :3
    Samamama, you know I love you, but I don’t think Uma was pointing out at anyone, neither disminishing any other opinions, simply some (hers) thoughts, strongly pronounced.
    Can everyone get along and freakin just… I don’t know. Enjoy (or not) the freakin pixels?
    WHY SO SERIOUS *bleeds from each side of the mouth kinda thing* lol <3333
    I don't even know why I wrote all this. I don't care for SL anymore because it's all soooo, well, like this. But once in a while, I pop in, give my 5 cents and pop out. Here I am, please don't make me regret having fingers to type LOL xx

  4. GG Sideshow says:

    Your reviews and comments on skins are always great, you never just brand something “bad” you look at things from both sides and say this might not be the best, but this is.. and everything is what YOU think, and nobody else. Which a review is, YOUR opinion. 🙂
    And i also don’t get all the hating on these skins, and i know what you mean about people bitching on the ‘big’ names straight away. As you say, the eyebrows may be “too big” to some, but thats what eyebrow sliders are for 😉 These skins have their own character, they are not badly made in any way. If a certain person does not suit them it doesn’t reflect on the quality of the skin. I couldn’t agree with what you’ve written more.

    Ps. you do suit these skins amazingly. ❤

  5. elka says:

    Well since we’re here about opinions, here’s mine:
    I do nooot like when the same makeup is not available on ALL skintones. Why why why. 1500L$ per skin, I tad high, I don’t care what others think and how much work was put into it kthxbye. Still bought it 😛
    Nose is not even HALF of the strongness I expected, it’s actually very smooth on me, once again, shape + also very important SL WINDLIGHT settings will affect what you see, a LOT. As I thought, the eyebrows are nicely bushed, but not placed in an “easy to set” manner on the template. Therefore, people with mean angry eyebrows like me get the dracula look. I always always change my shape to match all skins, don’t get me wrong, but this is like, I can’t be agry looking anymore so a tad sad. Don’t blame me for writing all this here, I don’t have a blog, so hush LOL <3333333333333333333333333

  6. Sasy Scarborough says:

    “they weren’t my taste” , “They didn’t suit me” , ” I am upset that these ones aren’t along the same lines as previous, but friend/sister/Mum/co-worker loves them, so at least I get the last release to myself now ” all of those are reasonable comments.

    The comments I have seen are not constructive or helpful, they were downright bitchy and mean, and I mean comments, not reviews as I haven’t been able to catch up on a lot of blog posts this week.

    The amazing thing to me has been that most of them have come from people that either create or are in a business that benefits from the industry, people that would scream the house down if the same was said about their own products/services…they would cry and sniffle and weep until everyone banded together and told them that whoever said it was just being an as***le.

    Whatever reason for not purchasing it that is your choice, but allow those that have, or plan to, some room to feel beautiful too.
    Because you aren’t only hurting those that spend hours/days/weeks on a product, but you are slapping all of those in the face that spend their hard earned lindens on it, and actually do feel beautiful, and do unload their days hardships into that purchase, and get to feel that no matter what their RL loads on them, they can be as special as anyone else in SL,

    The things you do not like in something, could be the exact thing that others love. SL is all about trying things you wouldn’t normally, I spent the day in a Zombie skin yesterday, a gift skin that in stage one was so intriguing I would have taken pics all day if I could.

    The stages two and three were not my taste, but the moment I saw it I knew that Ashia would love it, and because of that it was more exciting and beautiful, because I knew it would make her happy.

    I did a post on Eclat the day of release, and the day after I felt ugly and miserable that people I respected and admired were putting it down so harshly, knowing full well that it was none of the things that were said, on my shape. But it didn’t hurt any less.

    Thank you Uma for writing this post

  7. Leeloo Ella says:

    Firstly, I love the blog Uma! i love that you blog what you or otherwise. i had to comment because the comment from Samara made me laugh (in an irritated fashion)

    The uproar around these skins is plain ridiculous….they are SKINS….in a VIRTUAL WORLD! It’s not like there are only 3 skins to choose from in the whole of sl….the minnu bashing is v.boring now and so is the whole if you wear leLutka/Redgrave/whatever…you are a mindless sheep, and are only original if you wear a *insert name here* skin…….YAWN. Sl is supposed to be fun…why dramatise everything?

    Take Uma’s advice…..instead of discarding the skin because of eyebrow thickness/avi shape, why not play around with the eyebrows…even trying different brows from other skins can thin them out…that’s what i did.

    Bloggers get far too bashed for featuring stuff other ppl have strong opinions on….it’s a BLOG….if you dont like it dont read it!

  8. samara barzane says:

    I appreciate your responses. It wasn’t just the shape though-the skin was to my eye, as I described it, as well as full of actual flaws. I should have been clearer about the flaws, but to me they included harshness, crudeness and shininess. Those may be “subjective,” and a matter of taste, but I would argue, not entirely

  9. icampese says:

    I, personally, don’t see in these skins anything exceptionnal. I like when there’s something happening on the face, different shades on different parts of face, some even imperfections, shinyness, so for me this skin is a bit boring. I like the brows though and lips texture, but again, the lipstick contour is too strong.
    It’s just not my style, but when i look at it as at a skin for a typical model (always perfect face, no marks and soft skin) i think it’s a really nice looking skin.
    I went to the store tho and tried these skins, and i was surprised it was looking rather good on me, as previous lines of Lelutka looked really bad on my shape (and i dont tweak my shape for skins).

    On you it looks great, especially those with strong lips, but i love u more in other skins<333:D

  10. Petitelittlegirl Pinklady says:

    wow – lots of bashing for a pixel barbiedoll … icampese says it best ladies (and gentlemen playing ladies) – “it’s just not my style” – don’t you think that says it all? everyone is here for their own style and look – I personally like more drama to my face but I also choose one or two skins from several designers that make my portfolio what it is. I don’t change my shape for skins I change my skin for my overall look of the moment. the shading does not sit well on my shape but the first thing I went wow over was the eyebrows. there is a lot of “judging” of the skin happening – not reviewing. a review is an opinion – you state for your style and look the skin does nothing for you! not saying the creator did a bad job – she worked hours and hours on these skins, along with all her other creations and I am should be proud no matter. i can not tell you how many avi I see when i bop around that I say inside “what are they thinking?” but it is their game not mine. I love and I repeat LOVE UMA and her style – but I would never wear her shape – does that mean she is ugly – NO it just means she is different from me. hugs to my UMA and brava to Minnu for all her hard work with EVERYTHING in her shops!

  11. Jenopolis Peccable says:

    WELL SAID, Uma! Like in rl, what looks great on one person could look… ermmm… not so hot on someone else. I guess it is a letdown when you realize a skin you have been waiting for, like Minnu’s, doesn’t suit you… but I totally agree that criticizing the make or getting all dramarama about it is not the answer.

    LOVE the post, you revolutionary fashionista, you! ❤

  12. Tomoyo Breitman says:

    I like your honesty hee~ When it comes to the top shops, I guess, people seem to become more vocal in whatever they want to say, imo. I don’t agree that the skin is “full of flaws”. Rather, we each have a certain expectation of how a skin should be, our own taste and preference. The harshness is not a flaw. A flaw would be something like seams(?) and I don’t think this skin has any. Not trying to defend anyone but the bashing seemed to me to come from sheer disappointment, that the skin “falls ” from the “standard” which they have for the skin. Months of waiting, being excited.. gone in a minute after they discovered they don’t like the skin on their shape. Ok well you get my point lolx.

    Though I haven went to stare at myself and tweak my shape for it yet, my 1st impression of it when I tried the group gift was a pleasant one. I did actually like the face since I totally expected to not love it lolx. The only thing that will keep me from buying it is the shiny-ness of the skin tone. But then again, this is my own opinion and anyone is entitled to decide if they wanna shell out the 1.5k for the skin or not. And as for blogging para at the end, I totally agree with you too. XD

    ps. the skin looks perfect on you =P AND WHEN ARE U COMING ON T_T I MISS YOU SOOO MUCH! ❤ Maybe I try to stay up and catch you during the weekends hehez. muah!

  13. Lizzie Lexington says:

    I wanted to comment on this last night but my brain was fried and I was trying to finish my post on Eclat, Adam N Eve’s Natasha and Laq’s Emma. I want to say I really agree with Sasy here in regards to her comment. I think shes right on spot in what she is saying.

    In regards to Eclat I posted my thoughts last night on my blog but I will summarize here, LOL. First of all I LOVE THE LIGHTER BROWS. LOVE THEM. Laq’s Emma has a similar brow as well. In my opinion in RL thin painted on brows do not look natural or frame the face as well and this has been the predominate look in skins thus far in SL. I love the more natural fuller brows and I hope their is some way that those who make hand drawn such as my beloved Elizabeth from Blowpop can do this as well.

    My only real issues with the skin and it was more of a personal thing vs the construction of the skin is first the eyes are not well suited for glasses wearing non lash wearing avatars like myself. These skins need lashes but glasses and lash dont love each in SL, LOL. Secondly I really find these skins hard to photograph in any other lighting than Calistas Windlight setting for skins. I my blog is about photographing SL in a variety of windlight settings to emphasize the look of the sim I am photographing. But besides these two issues the skin is absolutely beautiful – I love the mouth and the nose. But then again I like more delicate features and a smaller mouth.

    Great post Uma – it helped to foster ideas and discussion. Hugs!

  14. Leigh Kaestner says:

    First off, I have to say that you look amazing in the skins. You have very angular strong features, which I just love, and these skins seem to enhance them. It creates a bold look which is perfect for showing off these beauties.
    I have a fairly generic looking shape, I’ll admit. i spend all of my time in an RP sim, so that was what I felt necessary for my character. However, even though it doesnt make sense since I cant wear anything but uniform on sim *which is 95% of the time* I always end up buying clothes and skins.
    And a sense of continuity has to be kept on sim with my look, that’s just how I choose it. I’m babbling here.
    London has been my skin of choice for a while. I love all of the makeups, but only get to really wear the base makeup or more neutral makeup.
    So when Eclat was released, I already had myself under orders that I wouldnt like it, that I wouldnt want it. That it was unnecessary.
    And then I saw it on Gogos blog. And it looked beautiful on her, but I didnt like the lips. I hate LAQ skins for this very reason. And I’m going to be crude here, so I apologise in advance. When I see certain effects on lips, all I can think is that it looks like someone has *ahem* had a good time and gotten the lips messy. I depise the look. Hate it. I prefer lips that dont have a lot of highlighting, or at least not to that extreme.
    And yet I went to Lelutka and I got the demos in sunkissed and suntan *I used to be a light girl, then quickly changed because of the lighting of the sim I spend my time on*
    And the makeups were superb for sunkissed. A few of suntanned werent to my taste, because I need a less adventurous look.
    And I tried the demos on, and it was as if the skins were made for my shape. They suited perfectly.
    So I truly feel that any skin can look great, so long as you are willing to tweak your shape and eyebrows. I wont for continuity sake.
    It was a blessing. And a curse. I cant afford these skins. I dont NEED these skins.
    And though I can understand why some people do not like certain aspects of them; I dislike the lips on some because of the highlighting. I dislike the highlighting on the actual face, in my opinion it’s blotchy and too ‘blue’ but it is more of a natural look. No one in the real world has flawless skin. And these SL skins are more realistic based on that. In my opinion the ‘flaws’ are intended.
    In the end, I still love these skins. And I can fully appreciate them regardless of the things I’m not quite a fan of.
    And I wholeheartedly wish that Lelutka would offer the same makeups in every tone as well, but that could potentially bankrupt many of us, 35 makups or more in each tone?
    I very much want the sunkissed makeups in the suntanned tone. *weeps*
    So people are right to state their opinions, but to say that the skins are ugly or to simply criticise them is a pointless exercise. It only discourages those who may have fallen in love with the skins otherwise.
    So express opinions, but dont offer criticism as fact.
    I have to say I have successfully managed to avoid seeing downright criticism of Eclat so far, but then I have kept in my little Eclat bubble recently.
    I will be spending the rest of my month scraping together the Lindens to buy these delicious skins.

  15. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Thank you guys for actually taking the time to ‘voice’/type down your opinion and thought I won’t adress to all of you in particular (or I’d be here forever) I agree for most part with all, elka<3, samara, gg, applemay, Ana, sasy, whimsy, leeloo, irie<3, petite, Jenopolis, Tomomo<3, Lizzie and Leigh . Thanks for sharing your thoughts and choosing your words wisely but expressing your opinions with such honesty nonetheless. I'm glad I didn't back out from writting this post. I usually try to distance myself a bit from 'drama' and am very hesitant about expressing my opinions in public (especially on this blog), though I am very forward and honest myself when I actually do it (and your feedback and opinions is the exact reason why I'm glad I posted this), I'm also thankful for not being misunderstood. I was afraid to be and cause more trouble than what Is worth. <33333333333

  16. manis lane says:

    p.s. I AM no longer running or living through or by sl times but rl ones. Therefore, I am not here to blog about what’s ‘new’ or what’s just ‘released’ and whenever I blog, I blog because I love it, no matter how many times it was blogged before, or if it was blogged ‘years’ ago. Sometimes and most of times (here), it’s just about clothes, about styling, about re-inventing ourselves and our clothes (as I repeated so many times) and though it is surely about sl, it is never about who got it first or who wore it first. >> I LIKE these words uma, is so inspiring and this is why we are all here and playing this dressing up games. xd

  17. Evie says:

    I got a simple opinion on this topic. Some skins I like and some I don’t. Skins on me depend on the shape face I have. Currently I wear pink fuels Skye skin which looks great with my shape from leafy however, when I wear the same skin with the faery shape I got on the bunny hop hunt it looked awful. It’s the same in rl, some makeup colours look awful on my face, and some look great. Personally, in sl, I prefer subtle makeup rather than bold colours, but I try them anyway just to see how they look, never know until you try is my opinion. It might be worth getting demos then going back home ( if you have one) and trying them with different shapes. I’ll go have a look at the skins that uma talks about and test them with my shape when I get a chance. At the moment tho I’m too busy with cafe andromeda and my shop to go looking at skins. Love all the different opinions, it’s very interesting 🙂 xx

  18. Evie says:

    Btw uma, I agree with not blogging new things all the time. My blog is about what things I love and wearing at that moment. I’m also blogging the tops I make so it’s not always other designers clothes that I specifically blog about. Anyways I wasn’t going to write this much lol just started rambling. Sorry if i’ve bored ya! Lol

  19. Annie paster says:

    Ok i personal love the line it fit my shape like a glove even did a review of it my shelf personal i felt that suntan and pale had best makeups

    I personal always say a good shape will make almost any skin look good on you
    some shapes can even make a “ok” skin look great that and some smokeing windlight, it does a hell of a driffrence.

    aswell some said the skins were good and all and well crafted but felt the deisgners could done an even better job and added more which in some way when i think about would be nice but i already like the skins. And personal the facted they added 3 breast type got them points in my book because a lot past skin did have the push up type breast for that sexy dress or the bikni ready breast. but overal that lines well crafted and the makeups was to the T and the body was rocking. you have to give them that.

    LOl rambled a bit
    my personal test of this


  20. Annie paster says:

    my thoughts about not always bloging new items , you dotn always have be first blog new items but much more informative in a way .

    aslong you dont rug it in everyones faces “look i got the newest this that and etc” am happy you are informing .


  21. Evie says:

    I used to get jelous cos uma got new things before they were released, now I blog clothes I buy that are not necessarily new releases, just things I like 🙂 I’m still amazed at how many talented designers there are! I want to learn how to make clothing other than tank tops and vests. Need someone to give me hints lol

  22. Annie paster says:

    some you guys are two face you say you hate skisn still buy it and tell thora and minnu you lvoe them and great line

    but hit the blogs not jist this one bloging and rant and blow a fuse not all of you but soem of you i think that people ugly of a person to do .

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