Your heart’s a mess..I’m desperate to connect!

I actually meant to call this post sweet kinky rock, because I had three looks in mind ready (and willing) to blog, but as usual and especially since last week, sl keeps challenging my patience and I seriously went nuts and gave up. For daysss, I been planning to log in and focus a bit on blogging but haven’t had the time to do it (once again bear with me 😉 ) so today I finally decided to.

Ok, let’s log in and put some random outfit together. So far, so good. So I’m welcomed to sl …and go figure, drowned in a pool of lag and lag spikes and kept freezing forever!!! Dressing wasn’t the problem, but taking pictures was a whole different bizz. I just couldn’t and  everytime I tried to..bam!! ‘El lag spike’. So I just share with you this lil’ ol’ dirty rock look which I fancy a lot and hope you do too. GO emery (my inspiration) !!…and yeah, that’s pretty much it, a 5 year old laptop who refuses to collaborate (though I’m planning to get a new one soon..cross your fingers, pretty please?). MUAHS! ❤ Uma

Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours!


Listening to : Gotye ‘Hearts a mess’


Your heart's a mess...I'm desperate to connect

Worn :

Hair – ‘Fiona’ (browns pack)’ by Exile

Skin – ‘Mira – Este/Rita’ by (Imagen)

Necklace -‘ stud.neck chain k7’ (old) by a.C. Studios

Earring – ‘Pearl earrings (left)’ by (W)

Jacket/Vest – ‘Tomomo loose vest [darkdepths]’ by !Oh (I miss you…’both’)

Dress – ‘Dressy top face #5’ by Emery

Jeans – ‘black denim ripped (undies)’ by *GC*/Gigi couture

Boots – ‘My Leather boots’ by Milk Motion (<3 Marieeeeeee)

15 thoughts on “Your heart’s a mess..I’m desperate to connect!

  1. Abra Exonar says:

    You’re so adorable and I’VE MISSED YOU! /me kicks your laptop grrr….silly thing. You look amazing, AMAZING in Rita btw…soooo cutes! <3333 Love the look hun xoxoxoxoAbra

  2. Vanity Esparza says:

    wow your blog cut all of my comment lOl thats so mean
    and i cant be asked to re type it all lol but i have to agree with Abra on the skin one of the best things to come out of the skin fair this year.

    p.s sl is way bad for me log on skype if you can and i can talk to you there about it all. love you be good miss you lots

  3. ohmyohmai says:

    I love you in red lipstick so much~ You edgy ball of fashion! 🙂 *HUGS*
    we missh you too! Well i’m not sure about tomo cause she’s EBIL but I MISS U *eyes tomo* hee….
    Be safe and don’t hurt your laptop even though you want to!! <3<3<3 Love you much!

  4. tomoyo says:

    ohmay! U evil doll! I miss u umama she lies 😦 come back to us. Kicks your comp. Love the outfit lots and that skin is so pretty on u:) see ya soon muah!
    Ps. I lazy log into wordpress from my phone lol pardon the ugly formating:(

  5. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Thanks for letting me know riyaa, I actually created an account (on purpose) earlier and commented on her wall in her profile, letting others know she stole them from me. Apparently (as I just checked) she removed them (along with my comments), but it was surely effective. Thanks again <333

    also..I LOVE YOU GUYSSSSSSS!!!..thanks for the laptop kicks, I'm so close to throwing it agains the wall, grrrr..but can't afford to, not until I get a new one. Which I hope to be SOON!..I miss yooouu !!! <333 and thanks for the feedback 😉 I'm loving this skin aswell, but getting used to the red lipstick still!! Will try to log in more on skype, at least there's no 'lag' there muahs!!

    pumapumapuma ty and THEY ARE FUN…when they're new 😉 lols.

  6. corduroyshop says:

    haha we both need new onesssssssssssssssssss! laptop that is ❤ I NEEDS TO ADD YOU TO MY SKYPE!

  7. Uma Ceawlin says:

    ooooooooh ..How did I miss this uh?…<3 puma! ❤ *skype me skype me…imimim*

    black pearl earrings, how awesome is that nickname, ahah, thank yas for looking in my 'older' looks and also…for sharing ❤ thankuuuu ❤

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