Empire state of Mind

Haihai yall! It’s been days without blogging, I have been living of, rl mostly, without logging (in world) at all. I think we all go through phases in sl, sometimes rl is so hectic we hardly can get online but we really want and miss it, others we just feel like its pointless, when rl is hectic but way more exciting than spending hours pixel-izing. I’m going through a phase that is a mix of both. It actually feels great, not that im not missing youuu peeps! <3! …Lately I’m afraid I don’t dedicate or have enough time to blog or update it as much as I could/would like to. Hope you still catch up with my lil’ blog and thank you so much for all the offlines and support throughout ..well the whole time since I started blogging and the last few days I’ve been m.i.a.

Lately I’ve been way more focused on my rl closet and rl fashion in general, and I’m reaaaaallllyyy into a couple of things I find to be a must have for me : leggings (sequins/wet/leather look), jeggings (leggings meat jeans, genious), oversized shirts, boyfriend blazers or power shoulder ones, leather jackets…and a LOTTTTT of shoes. From peep toes, to ankle boots, and over the knee ones. I’m also really into high waisted skirts (not that new) and especially made out of different materials and unique. So these two looks were somewhat slightly  inspired by my rl must haves..We’re rather limited in sl..and that makes me MEH! <–meh is the ”word”.

There was something that made me truuuuuullllyyy happy today when i finally found time to log in though,that was Maitreya’s new shoes..all wrapped in a cute box (I’m a shoe addict/fetishist and a true fan of Onyx work) Neyya’s toe caps being my favorite, and I cannot help but feature (almost) all of them here  and I’m pretty sure I’ll wear them for weeks in a row. I will feature them (in my pretty feet) soon!! ty so much Onyx! ❤ Uma



Worn :

Hair – ‘Jasmine.2 cranky brown / browns pack’ by fri.day

Skin – ‘Lyla pale skin / natural’ by redgrave

Jacket – ‘Tuxedo Jacket – black’ by *COCO*

Shirt/dress – ‘check shirt wanpi redstole set’ by !Shampooo

Top – ‘Black tank top’ by *Camie Cooper*

Leggings – (old) freebie/gift by .:MALT:. Fashions

Shoes – ‘Frenzy – dangerous’ by Maitreya



Worn :

Hair – ‘CERIA walnut’ by :MIRONE:

Jacket – ‘leather jacket/Black’ by :::LiNe:::

Sweater – ‘Hallelujah sweater blue’ by Emery

Skirt – ‘150 feather (blue) paper’ by K*S / Kuri Karas

Leggings – ‘leggings/grayscale/socks/_3’ by LeLutka

Shoes – ‘ChiChi pumps – black velvet’ by Maitreya

and my newest addiction….

rock and roll my lil girl

Maitreya’s Neyya toe cap 😀 !! amazing shoes

Listening to : Little girl by Robert Francis

11 thoughts on “Empire state of Mind

  1. GG Sideshow says:

    love these looks 🙂
    the top one is something i would totally wear irl aswell
    and now i’m going to have to go and buy that shirt dress straight away bcause it’s lush *_*
    hope everythings okay for you in rl ❤

  2. Petitelittlegirl Pinklady says:

    I always say I want to steal your inventory – now with the descriptions of what you want in RL I want to steal your closet too …. can we be neighbors and best of peeps in both worlds – please pretty please

  3. Inex Hax says:

    I don’t really care if you take your time out of blogging if you give us this kind of looks after !
    Three words: OH MY GOSH! I loved them !
    Especially the first one ! I’ll so totally go haunt the shops of that xD Bewareeeee !
    I would totally do it in real and Don’t be sad if your closet is gone someday 😛

    Ta !! 😀 ❤

  4. Petitelittlegirl Pinklady says:

    Uma hun I went to find that awesome feather skirt and see it nowhere in the store – HELP! please don’t tell me it’s old

  5. Emy Aker says:

    I’m totally in love with Maitreya new shoes, saddly I couldn’t have the opportunity to get a pair of them yet ^^,
    And about your looks, always stunning, but the first one is WAW! *-* Love red and dark, and those clothes are so well cut ♥
    Xo xo, c ya soon Uma! 😉

  6. Uma Ceawlin says:

    I miss you too tomomoooooo!! I miss you all really 😦

    Awww GG glad you like the looks and yay, same here. I try and make looks that I could actually pull off in rl, so…<333

    Petite, nooo stealing my closet, but you could always borrow. My sis always does that to me, and I to her..eheh, I'm used to. Let's share! (I wish we could in sl..but that would mean trouble) 😀 muah!

    Awww Inexx, again *_* thank you 🙂 that makes me smile!!! I don't have the time I used to (before), but I'm trying…at least one day a week I'll make sure to come back!! ahah…runs away 😉 <333

    Petite, againz…im me in world? Creator is kuri karas, I'm sure you can find her store (or the one which has this skirt) in her profile? if not, imimimim..im.

    Emy!!!! Aww, make sure you do, as soon or when you can, you will not be disappointed, surely a must have in our closet. So yuuummmi shoes (and sandals too). First look is also my favorite (but I'm partial because that's the one I will surely rock in rl aswell). muah muah!

    *JJ* !!! Sends them right back at you, ten thousand times more!

    Abraaaaaaaa…i ❤ you, hun i will i will try!! I'll log soon 😀 I miss you too, <333

  7. Makenzie Irling says:

    I saw the plaid top on GG’s blog first and wanted it, now seeing you blogged it as well I have to have it haha. I have a feeling my weakness for plaid is going to get me in trouble this fall >.<

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