.Pink Brownie.

I love this outfit so much.  I’m not a big fan of brown, but I feel pink Loves brown. Apparently unrelated, they compliment each other perfectly, forming a ‘classic’ colour combination, that I think, exudes a real sense of freshness and understated sophistication. I dressed it down a bit with the riders boots from ANEXX. Probably my favorite ride/cowboy boots of the moment. I also adore the ruffly collar on new .:MALT:. fashion’s shirt and the sheer details on it aswell as the slightly see through skirt. I’m trying to prepare for fall though it’s still too hot (in rl) for these kinds of clothes, I cannot wait to be able to layer myself in rl. ❤ Uma

pink brownie1

.Pink Brownie.

Hair – ‘Pushed and Shoved – blonde tones’ by (Epoque)

Skin – ‘Lyla pale / natural’ by Redgrave

Jacket – ‘Leather Blouson (sand brown)’ by *ARGRACE*

Shirt – ‘allyn shirt – sticky coffee’ by .:MALT:. fashions

Skirt – (part of) ‘Gilli Dress’ by .:MALT:. fashions

Leggings – ‘basic sheer leggings  [wood]’ by !Ohmai

Boots – ‘Leather riders boots’ by ANEXX

Bag – ‘Messenger Bag (light brown)’ by *Muism*

7 thoughts on “.Pink Brownie.

  1. Tomoyo Breitman says:

    cute! i love that pink lots too hehez… we’ll so girly XD i have to agree with you. those boots are simply too awesome for words.. <33
    xoxo tylo tulo paq (our new slogan hahaz muahh)

  2. Abra Exonar says:

    ohh such a soft look Umaaz! <33 I love pink with brown, it does 'go' so well. Especially the tones you chose to pair here. In fact I like brown too, surprisingly, but usually just for fall hahaha. Your timing is perfect! xo<33Abra

  3. tati says:

    i love this style! its like a hint of class with a rocky suprise! how do you do that shadow of your avi in photos?

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Tomomo!! ahahaha, tulo tylo paq! ❤ ! Yessssss, these boots are amazing and lol, I have in to brown ..a bit…also, I MISS our 'lost in translation' thoughts, I miss you ❤

    Go gets them evie! 😉

    Awww abra, thank yooouu!!..yeah I think I'm 'falling' for brown too, lol, especially in this season and mixed with softer colors such as pink, or faded pink. Funny timing is not a word that suits me buttttt..I try to <333 you

    Thank you tati, that was what I was going for actually. 😉 I would take forever to explain in detail how I do shadows, but in this specific case, it was basically creating another layer (of me/my cropped self) and turn it black, fade it in layers and skew and rotate in 'image/transform' erms, sorry if this might not make sense, but I'm trying to recall and I might not be 100% exact. xoxo

    Emy!!! 😀 ahah, aww thank you !! Your words always make me smile, only one who noticed I changed eyes, I should feature those in credits aswell, and I might. muah muah

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