Meet ‘Colette’

Hi everyooone!!..First of all let me just start by saying I missed yooou and I miss blogging but I’ve been having an hectic week and it’s hard to keep up. However I will try and organize things (and myself) in order to not neglect it. <3!

As most of  you may know, skin fair is opening for public tomorrow  (if I’m not mistaken) and a lot of great skinners are participating in it, I hope it will be as exciting and surprising as I think it will. However I cannot resist but showing you, Milk Motion’s new and freshest faceColette – this is something I’ve been expecting to see in sl, a skin with optional ‘teeth’ that doesn”t look weird or rabbit-like, and whom else to do such a great job than miss Marie Lauridsen. Colette has a shy, fresh, young, feminine and cute face (and make ups) but the exciting part of it, is, ‘her’ optional teeth (each skin comes with and without it).  OMG! Make ups are also quite unique and really irresistable. The ‘cute’ line is to die for, blushy cheeks and cute white freckles (reminding me of bp*’s hoppa prim cheeks). The ice line is also quite beautiful and with an etherial feel to it, and there’s also  ‘tired’, ’emo’, red lips make up (and blackeyes which I’m not featuring here) and all of them just made me go awwwwe *speechless*! That’s pretty much the effect of Marie’s work on me. Each and every time. I truly advise you to check these as soon as you can @ skin fair! (sorry for the pics spam, I’ve decided to only  just show you the ‘teeth’ option so I don’t spam even more) ❤ Uma

disco and cute 2

NUDE and red lips 1

colette skin - tired and emo 1

Colette skin by Milk Motion