hold still

Hi, hi! I’ve been hella busy in rl, starting college! I’m soooo thrilled aaaand, also happy to know my schedule isn’t as shitty as I thought it was going to be, so I can still be (seen) around and might not neglect blog as much as I though. Yay for me!..sarcastic yay though.

So this look is very much ‘sl’ inspired (as ‘in world’) more than rl though fairly possible to do in rl. I’m soooo excited to give you a lil’ sneak peak of what Kookie is working on, these AMAZING winter/fur/snow boots and which will be release pretty much…soon! These boots aren’t named yet but they will surely make you feel the warmest and kawaii you’ve felt in a while. Thank god cold days are coming our way (don’t get me wrong I love summer but I also miss winter clothes and my winter closet), so I think you (as I do) will LOVE them. I opted for a  sweater and the *ARGRACE* ‘traveller’ coat, (which I edited a bit to make it longer and able to work with the skirt prim), adding to a more warmer look.  I’ve always loved this 69 hair, which I’ve also blogged in the past but don’t wear as much as I’d want to.

Also, another thing I’d like to point out is, Tyr Rozenblum’s new skin collection. Tyr has ‘recently’ released part of ‘Sweet Augustine‘ skins at her store, but if you’re one  like me, waiting for skin expo (which will start on september 26th and will be extended until october 11th) you’ll definately want/need to check Tyr’s skins. I’m wearing ”Sweet Augustine –  3.2 -Expo Exclusive -Twiggy”, an exclusive skin that will ONLY be sold during expo (7 different shades,which you can get for 800L, 75% being proceeded to charity). Totally worth it.

 Tyr Rozenblum - expo skin - twiggy

kookies boots

..and don’t you feel just instantly warm looking at these?

Hold Still

Worn :

Hair – ‘AMK2 – Chestnut’ (slightly edited it longer) by ::69::

Skin – ‘Sweet Augustine –  3.2 -Expo Exlusive -Twiggy’ by .::TD::./Tyr Rozenblum (You can find her new store at Fusion sim sharing a store with Mr. Bubbles Clawtooth the hair designer, yeah!)

Jacket – ‘coat ”traveler” (black) bottom (edited to be longer) by *ARGRACE*

Sweater – ‘[Chunky Sweater]_Honeycomb Knit Smoke’ (expect a surprise soon) by *Muism*

Skirt – ‘chiffon skirt (beige&baby pink)’ by Oyakin*

Headband – ‘AM TULIP headband – champagne’ by Miel

Boots – (unnamed yet) and soon to be released by *Kookie*


4 thoughts on “hold still

  1. ohmyohmai says:

    you kookie boot teaser!! *steals em off chu*
    Those are purdy! Makes me cry wishing it was colder so I can wear my darn boots, they’re rotting in the cabinets T_T
    And congratulations!! You made it into the course :D:D:D *pat pat* I knew it, you could do eettt… you smartie pants. Work hard and I hope it all works out for you ^^

  2. Inex Hax says:

    They look soooooooooo adorable !
    *is also waiting to wear winter clothes though hates winter ! *
    Anndd Uhuuuu for portuguese singers ! 😀 I’m portuguese so that’s really cool !
    Anyways.. Loved that cute look ! It looks amazing !! Gratz for it **

    Kisses ❤

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    ahahah omgah! anya poo no stealing my pomskis!!!…they’re out now..thank god!..and it’s ironic cause, summer is supposed to be gone, and right now its around like 95º degrees here (which is quite odd) and I’m melting..with school and all, I’d just rather stay home, me and my best friend the ‘fan’. <3333 anya, thank yoooou! muahs!

    LOls, babay, no…not really.well yes. I apologized for the 'egging' already shush.

    Aww yay, Inex, thank you!!! Glad you liked the looks, boots are already out, and in several dif. colors ahah, portuguesinha!! 😉 ❤

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