Fur is NOT dead!

At least, not faux fur! The most faux it could be..ehe!I don’t wear (real) fur in rl, besides leather jackets and..well, pretty much all things leather. Pft, blame me…But again here’s the controversy, I cannot say it doesn’t look just amazing. Hell I’d be an hipocrit if I said so. However, I choose not to wear it. I’m not one of those who go around fashion shows with ‘anti-fur’ signs throwing eggs at people who wear it, but I do judge people who do wear it, who sport their furrilicious coats, stoles..and what not. See, for a well rounded, educated, wise, SANE, person, this is not portrait or a sign of status but a sign of ignorance and blatant stupidity. That’s how I see it. I would just love to see someone replic a real fur (in rl) as well as in second life. AHA! So on to what I mean to say…Nicky Ree‘s ‘Avana fur coat‘ is..one of the most amazing pieces I’ve seen/worn in sl so far. OMGAH! Not only is just..well, amazing (can’t think of other words) it works perfectly with my ao, and hell, if it didn’t I would totally make it work. I’ve decided to make a, rather simple look, and I had planned to make more, but I was so so so so lazy.  I might come back with different looks with this jacket, and please bear, with me, I absolutely love it! So I will do so, in the next days to come…nomnomnom! ❤ Uma


Listening to : ‘Radiohead – all I need’

fur is NOT dead

Worn :

Hair – ‘Eleanor [blonde]’ by Kin

Skin – ‘Maya [Light] Vera 1 skin’ by (vivé9)

Hair accessory – ‘black chain flower with drop’ by *UnTone Quilt*

Jacket – ‘Avana fur coat . set brown’ by *DNR*/Nicky Ree

Shirt – ‘shirt h5 for women (pansy)’ (pulled pelvies attch. up a bit) by !_Ce_Cubic effect

Pants – ‘Shoreline – coffee’ by &Bean

Boots – ‘la jalousie boots mystique’ by Gbberish

bag – part of avana fur coat by Nicky Ree

10 thoughts on “Fur is NOT dead!

  1. Abra Exonar says:

    mmmmmm faux fur baby….just the thing to keep one warm this fall/winter!! I love this piece Ummaz…it looks so *soft*, most are a ‘firmer texture’ this just looks like pure heaven. And I’m also happy you brought out the Gbberish boots, wheee..! I’m loving ‘vintage’ right now. ;D <3333Abraaaaaa

  2. Nicky Ree says:

    Glad you like it 🙂 – I started design the fur coat way back in 2006, did a white fur coat didn’t like how it looked and went back to the drawing board 🙂 . Finally this year I got inspired enough to update it and finish the final product :).

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Hey Euni, me too, I absolutely love it, sleeping in it aswell aha 😀 muahs!

    Abraaaa *Noomsss* 😀 though it’s still a bit warm outside I feel like I miss winter already with this coat. Omg, so amazingly done, and yay for ‘vintage’, I’m still loving these boots soooo much, I find older releases are my favorite lately. muah muah!<3

    Thank you Theo, 😀 and this is one of my favorite songs aswell \o/ muahs!

    Nicky!!! I LOVE it, I'm so glad you kept the design and finally brought it to 'life', it's really beautiful, my favorite furzzzz so far ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. Emy Aker says:

    The coat is very beautiful I love the chestnut colors.
    PS: I read the story about the young people in Paris on the previous edit, that’s so amazing and yes I confirm: you’re a star in Paris and even in Lyon lol ^^, ♥ xoxo

  5. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Awww, no way Emy!..Maybe just because you like what you I do here and :O surprise surprise you’re in Lyon ? 😉 ❤ thanks for your supporting words, as always muahs!!

  6. Vera C says:

    fur really IS dead. I just love those pants and shirt. I think those really look good with a brown coat, but not a fur coat. It just looks like she’s covered in dead animals, eww.
    Fur belongs where it grows.

  7. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Darling I don’t think you got the ‘playful’ meaning of ‘fur is not dead’…I also think you forgot these are just pixels, therefore, not real fur, not even faux fur..it’s just a bunch of textures and prims.
    She, is ME. and I disagree it looks like I’m covered in ‘dead animals’, but thanks for your comment. x

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