In the waiting line…

HaiHai! It’s been a while I don’t do the whole ‘3 in 1’ looks in a post, but, the time as come to do so. I was trying to think what to pull off, when I was happily granted with a couple of pieces I fell in love with. Talk about timing, since I was soooo uninspired!

I have blogged AtomicBambi before, and you know how I love hair accessories, but I was surprised with not only another beautiful hair accessories but a couple of cute little scarves from Atomic. <3, I think it worked perfectly with *FakE* ‘s flutter yellow top and meow pants. Now this is a store I’d like to introduce to some of you, I’m pretty sure I won’t be the only one and I have to say I was again, happily surprised with it. So I decided to put together a fun kawaii look with some of *FakE* items. Also notice the awesome ‘gold pen necklace’ a collaboration between Undo Hermano and James Schwarz. Damn, I think I need that one in rl. sooo soo cute jams ty!!!

Also, here’s a sneak peek of (vivé9) BluAbyss Denimore‘s soon to be released skin ‘Twiggy’! Blu is working hard building and preparing her official mainstore opening, and not only you’ll find her oh so expected ‘Maya’ skin line but her still work in progress ‘Twiggy’ skin, this is of course, another favorite. I really can’t be impartial here, because I’ve witnessed Blu’s hard work and progress since the very beginning and as usual no disappointment here, I absolutely love Twiggy, I just don’t know which I love the most, Twiggy or Maya. Twiggy was inspired by her previous skin lines but also by the iconic model ‘Twiggy’ we are well familiar with. You may not feel it at first, but once you wear it you’ll find more and more similarities. ❤ at first, second and third sight!

Last but not the least, miss Irie Campese has been working hard on a new, lets say ‘fall’ clothing line (she plans to release it this weekend so write it down <3) and I couldn’t be more thrilled to show you the ‘pepitka jacket‘ (power shoulders ftw!) and the ‘cardi with blouse‘. I have decided to throw two looks together with her pieces but let me tell you this isn’t all she has hidden up her sleeve! So Many Styles is just one of those stores you can find all kinds of clothes, which you can mix and match in a million different ways and create several different looks. If I had a couple of words to describe Irie’s creations, I’d say : versatility, fun, unique, diverse and definately colorful. However I am happy to see her create more subtle color pieces, more toned down ones, and different textures. Her special unique touch is still there and you can recognize her signature, but in a softer choice of colors and I’m sooo loving it. As I ❤ her!

Hope you like it muah muah xoxo, ❤ Uma

waiting line

Listening to : ‘zero 7 – in the waiting line’

in the waiting line

Worn (left to right) :

Hair – ‘Ilda [blonde]’ by Kin

Skin – ‘Twiggy’ (soon to be released) by (vivé9)

Shirt (under) – ‘Poppy sheer chiffon *white*’ by [Pink]

Cardi (shirt layer) – ‘cardi steel blue with blouse beige 2’ (soon to be released) by {SMS}

Skirt (jacket/pants layer) – ‘Carla skirt *white*’ by Artilleri

Leggings – ‘leggings browns socks/_1’ by [LeLutka]

Shoes – ‘Powder puff wedges – sea glass’ by *Kookie*


Hair – ‘komugi*blondes swedish blond’ by *zero style*

Skin –  ‘Twiggy’ (soon to be released) by (vivé9)

Hair accessory – ‘hair corsage rio (blush)’ by AtomicBambi

Scarf – ‘Seattle scarf’ by AtomicBambi

Necklace – ‘gold pen necklace’ a collaboration between Undo Hermano and James Schwarz

Top – ‘Flutter top – yellow’ by *FakE* (search for Dream Resistance profile/picks if you can’t find lm)

Pants – ‘meow pants – gray’ by *FakE*

Boots – ‘WO boots’ by [0N]


Hair – ‘o’ in onyx’ by Fashionably dead (not sure it’s still available)

Jacket – ‘pepitka jacket mint /silver’ by {SMS} (soon to be released)

Shirt (undershirt) – ‘white tank top’ by Camie cooper (not sure it’s still available)

Pants – ‘we own the sky – dark’ by &Bean

Boots – ‘Kensington boots . black’ by Tesla

14 thoughts on “In the waiting line…

  1. GG Sideshow says:

    You look kissable in this skin , Uma :D!
    Lovely looks put together today. I am especially looking forward to the release of the Pepitka Jacket. It is wonderful *_*

    ps: the ‘o’ hair from fd is still available in their Lloyd location (which holds all of fd’s old items)


  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    I take it as a compliment GG! 😉 and omg, yes, the pepitka jacket is just so damn awesome, it might need a little editing, but not too much and so worth it!
    thanks for the ‘o’ hint, i wasn’t sure muahs!!

    <333 Blu!!

    Abrazieee!! <333 It so is…def must have XD I'm loving the power shoulders, rl and in sl ..:D

    Thank you Euni Glad you like it ^^^muahs!!

    Lawls Evie, tyyy!!! <33

  3. Emy Aker says:

    I love both of the first and third ones. But I think my favorite one is the third on the right. You always have amazing ideas and what’s is incredible is the fact that no one of all your looks look like the others! Congrats! xo xo ♥

  4. Pied'poule says:

    So yesterday I was in Paris (not as glamorous as it sounds, it’s only a three hour drive from where I live), and I decided that I had deserved a cup of coffee after all the window shopping I had done.

    I took my caramel macchiato and sat down next to this beautiful, well dressed boy. (not entirely by accident, of course… LOL)
    I couldn’t help but stare at him and he was pretty embarrassed about the attention he got… When I looked at his laptop, I saw the page it was on: Uma’s style diary.

    @Uma: congratulations, you’re a star in Paris as well.
    @beautiful boy: sorry, but I meant it as a compliment…

  5. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Wow Pied, if its not true, it can always be a good start for a great romance (and it made me giggle and smile) 😉
    I just wish/want a good ending, never imagined my soulmate to be french though..but anyways, ❤
    However, if that's in fact true, god, you should've asked for his number? say that you'd introduce us…?
    *sad face*
    Pretty french boy who was stared by a crazy awesome girl on friday? (was it friday?) in paris, PLEASE SAY hi! muahs muahs! Je t'attend! xoxo

  6. Pied'poule says:

    It was on Thursday, around two thirty in the afternoon. Starbucks at the Blvd. Sébastopol in Paris. He was sitting at one of the round tables on the left side of the entrance.

    Tall, dark hair with side swept bangs. Wearing a black fedora, dark gray pinstripe vest, a white wife beater (with Ray Ban sunglasses hanging on his chest). Dark skinny jeans and black All stars style shoes.

    I doubt he would be interested in any of us ladies, though…*cough*. Aaahhh, unavailable… just my type…


  7. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Gah, that’s the best description ever EVER! ❤ and god, I like his style already..damn you gay boys!..lmao, but the fact he was indeed checking my blog..just made me laugh and happy 😀 ..and how weird is that? *sighs*…and I'm pretty sure he’d have the same effect on me too Pied 😉 <333

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