I…just hate SL sometimes!

Gah, for the countless times I’ve crashed and lagged so much I got frustrated enough to just log out and curse my way into bed. Seriously I need to vent. I’m considering picking a corner in a lost sim and just lay my hat down and ask for money..for a new damn laptop! Yes, I need it bad and &%$#3″”2!!!*)6%$#”! Lately I can’t even afford hanging out at all because I can’t even talk in chat..one lag spike after another *sighs*

Anyways, was able to take these pics, thanks to a lag free moment (after which I also crashed) and yeah, I’m back and NOT IN BLACK. lol. Miss anya ohmai being the reason why I got rid of my black attires and instead, chose a ‘brown’ palette, because really fall is almost knocking on our doors and even though I am not a brown fan I’ve fallen in love with these softer ‘champagne’ tones! I secretly went over her hiding hole and stole all her clothes 😉 *shhh* don’t tell her <3! So yes, I’ve decided to make two simple looks and I don’t know which I love the most, since !Ohmai’s ’emma’s ruffles’ dress is…just too cute for words. ❤ Uma


Listening to ‘Kate Nash – Dickhead’

I just hate sl sometimes UGH

Worn (left to right) :

Hair – *barberyumyum18/black by **DP**yumyum

Skin – ‘Maya [Light] sweety’ by (vivé9)

Sweater – ‘Nina sweater [CLEARCHAMPAGNE]’ by !Ohmai

Cardi (shirt layer) – ‘Bird watch cardi – crow’ by !Salsa

Shirt (under) – ‘check shirt pastel brooch’ by *curiosity*

Skirt – ‘DNM PANTS skirt’ by BP*

Socks – ‘Knit knee socks charcoal’ by Shiny Things

Prim socks – ‘Ballerina shoes cuffs’ by {SMS}

Boots – ‘Sophia boots [charcoal]’ by >TRUTH<

Bag – ‘*Shoulder bag (brown)’ by Beetle Bones

Gloves – ‘full finger gloves gray’ by (DoMoCo)

Glasses – ‘Tortoise mum glasses’ by (Yummy)


Hair – ‘Noce white pack’ by {fascino}

Dress – ‘Emma’s ruffles [NILENUDIST]’ by !Ohmai

Socks+garters – ‘ella stockings light brown’ by *League*

Shoes – ‘dockers white leather’ by [hoorenbeek]

Headband – ‘AM TULIP  headband – champagne’ by Miel

Plants – ‘Beaker with plants’ by BP*

Tattoo by [ATOMIC]

18 thoughts on “I…just hate SL sometimes!

  1. Abra Exonar says:

    yummy champagne colors…I will toast to that!!!! *cheers* to you getting a new laptop soon Ummaz!!!!! (maybe raise funds by selling those unreleased headbands, ey? ey? ;D) Anya’s clothing is totes cute on you…I may have to ‘borrow some’ from her wardrobe too. lolll <3333

  2. ohmyohmai says:

    Lolll…. U sneaky sneaky sneaky XD *HUGS* Thank you <3<3
    Me lurves you and I hope you get that laptop soon! I agree with Abra, raise funds for a new uma puter~!
    I'm loving what you did with the cardigan so much; fall reminds me of loose shapes and I love that you paired it with a skirt rather than something tight underneath as it really works very well ❤ so hugs and loves to you!

  3. Lucinda says:

    Hello. I just discovered this place whilst searching for clothes. I have come accross blogs like this before but don’t understand what they are really. Do you make the dolls and the clothes yourself? If so how/what do you use?? And is it about animation or fashion? Thanks. I am a newb lol

  4. Evie says:

    They are avatars from Second Life, we take pictures of them in gorgeous outfits then edit them in photoshop (sometimes), then post them on here 🙂 http://secondlife.com is where you need to go. All the clothes have been made by someone for Second Life. Have a look at the website for more information.

    Uma- can you start posting the slurls please? I can’t find some of the stores :S

  5. Uma Ceawlin says:

    abra my luffs!!! ❤ that's the best way to toast, however let's do it when I get a new laptop? 😀 nah, don't think headbands would pay for it however I only have to wait around…mmm 3 months..and woooho to anyapoo her clothes are just so yumsssss, let's raid her closet noms!!!

    ihiihih oops!!! Anyaaaa, I'll raise…erms, my hands and shout I CAN'T SL ANYMORESSS HALP!..not really I can, it's just annoying most of the times, you know…meh! So happy you liked the looks, I think the emma's dress is just beautiful by itself, as it is, but the sweater works with soooo many pieces and for so many looks its just so awesome and warm and cozy. Just love it, <333 can't wait to go ohmaigodohmai's@horst 😉 MUAHS!

    Thank you for your interest lucinda, 🙂 as Evie said, this/these are our avatars, our pixel selves, for me it's about fashion yes. I don't make the dolls, however we can have a unique shape, a different 'skin' (which is how we look like), and I style mine/me!…Have a look at the link Evie posted here, second life is a virtual platform/community I think we can have fun and do most anything…If you're curious, have a go at it, you'll be surprised xoxo!

    Thank you Evie 😉 you were faster! Aha, and yes, I can post slurls I'm just too lazy, what are you having difficulties with? Im me in world?..But I'll try to post the slurls when I feel it's difficult to find, either store or creator. muahs!

  6. Pink says:

    Hello 🙂 Love your outfits as usual!

    And I was wondering where you got the clothes from !Ohmai’s store? I cant seem to find it in her shop in creators pavillion :/

    Thank yous 😀

  7. Evie says:

    It took me a while to find Truth, I just hadn’t typed in the right words in search lol I found it though and bought the Sophia boots which I lurve!

    I’m so envious of you because your so great at layering clothes, like the way youve done the shirt with the cardigan and with the sweater. I’m lacking in things suitable for layering, or I’m being unimaginative. lol

    Lucinda, you HAVE to join Second Life! It is amazing but highly addictive! My avater is called Evelyn Hartshon, if you join SL send me a message! 😀

  8. Lucinda says:

    I joined it and my username is Olivia Viertz. But I didn’t understand how to get clothes. And I asked someone but I need money and I don’t know how to get a job. lol!

  9. Uma Ceawlin says:

    ahahahah, omg, we just made another sl addict :O
    Lucinda…you can add me aswell 🙂 also, you can really find good free things to start with, and make your way into building cool looks or your pixel self. If you eventually decide to stick around you can always buy some lindens and yes, then buy some other clothes and all. I hope you like it and I’m giggling you actually joined. Welcome to your second life! 😀

    Evie, awww, it’s just a matter of trying layers, see what’s lacking what you can add or not, if it looks good…I mean, it’s just a ‘fun game’ 😉 I as you can see, am a layer addict and I so wish we could have more, and more attachment points…It’s just so hard to deal with limitations sometimes!
    Anyways, if you ever need an LM and I can’t reply fast enough, just im me in world and I’ll drop on you. muahs!

    @Pink, thank you so much, Ohmai’s mainstore isn’t opened yet, however I believe she’s opening soon @ horst (later this week) and once its open I believe she’ll add the lm to her picks or I’ll make sure to paste it here so you’ll know. ❤ muahs.

  10. Evie says:

    I can’t wait till Ohmai’s mainstore opens 😀 I got the free basics pocket cardi but I can’t get it to fit properly, my ass is too big! lol I’m adding you inworld Uma cos you rock! Hehe. x

  11. Uma Ceawlin says:

    ahaha, friendzzz! 😀 *confirms add* also, lol, no ass is to big to fit a damn cardi, lol, we can go around it, MAKE IT WORK! *channels tim gunn* ❤

  12. Nevery says:

    Hi Uma, first of all, i love your blog!
    I’m looking fot the hair of first outfit, but i cannot find DP Yum Yum, the slurl maybe is changed…
    I’v found only a shop (nearby Itutu’s shop), but the air in the photo is only for member of the group, so i’ve join the group wathever i cannot take that hair again! Please! can you help me??? Thank you, Nevery.

  13. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Hi, Nevery, the hair is being sold at itutu store. The creator is Toraji Voom, so you can check the right lm in her picks.
    Also, I myself had a little hard time finding it, with all the lag included..but the hair is in fact downstairs. Probably that’s why you couldn’t find?

    xoxo ❤

  14. Nevery says:

    Oh my god! I’m complitely gone! :pppp Sorry! With all that lag, I cuold not see the stairs! Now I’ve find it! Thank you very much! :p 🙂 Compliments again for your beautiful and useful great Blog!

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