Third time’s the charm!

HeyHey! Been more into blogging and less into writting…but I thought I’d write a few, just because I’ve been so inspired with muted colors, black white grey lately, both in sl and rl and though I’d explain the reason why of last posts.  I went shopping today (in rl yes) and omg, I’m rebuilding my whole closet, as far as dark colors go and I’m also less into colors and colorful outfits lately. I was so excited about my rl shopping that I planned to show you (one of these days I might start a rl style diary who knows) but as usual my cam sucks and I seriously couldn’t fit all in one shot…anyways, this is another dark colored inspired look, a more ‘rough’ look which I really loved doing and maybe the last of black/grey/white inspired look of this week. I might do a more colorful soon, and again, I’m more into fetching old pieces in invo rather than focusing in new releases. I’m not so overwhelmed with them and I just have too much fun going through closet/invo and just trying things on. This might look rather understated, but had to go around attachment points and see what worked and what not, looks simple but meh, not so much. I decided to edit Ninikoboy shirt a bit, to look more like an opened jacket rather than a shirt and it was actually easy considering its a boy’s piece, I opted to wear Milk Motion’s ‘my check shirt’ under, which worked perfectly with the cuffs over Niniko’s shirt, hence I didn’t wear Niniko’s sleeve prims. I’m also very fond of these abyss boots and sometimes I wish I still had my docs around in rl..good ol’ times. …Anyways, stretching too much, hope you have an awesome weekend and yeah, it’s good to be back 😉 ❤ Uma


third time's the charm

Worn :

Hair – ‘fedora hat *glamorous wavy* ~ (black)’ by *ARGRACE*

Skin – ‘Maya [light] sweety skin’ by (vivé9)

Scarf – ‘Gray muffler (chest)’ by **DP**yumyum

Shirt – ‘relax shirts (black)’ (stretched shirt prim to be longer)  by ”NINIKOBOY”

Cardigan ”Bird watch cardi – crow’ (shirt and pants layer) by !Salsa

Shirt – ‘My check shirt (black)’ (undershirt) by (Milk Motion)

Belt – ‘v-shapedBelt_black’ (stomach) silver’ by *COCO*

Jeans – ‘light denim destroyed light washed denim’ (underpants) by *GC*/Gigi Couture

Boots – ‘NAU combat boots [Unisex]’ by <TheAbyss>

Bag – ‘pilot flight bag (part of pilot costume)’ by sfd

Listening to ‘Noisettes – Never Forget you’

6 thoughts on “Third time’s the charm!

  1. GG Sideshow says:

    this outfit is amazing!
    i love it 😀
    i definately need some help with more colourful outfits so maybe you could help me :’)

    do you have an lm to sfd because that bag is LUSH!

    ❤ as always!

  2. Inex Hax says:

    Oh .. My .. Goodnes ..
    Please.. Give me your inventory ? I’ll treat it good ! xD

    Once again .. Blacks and Whites .. MY fav colors ! And I have to tell you this might be My favorite outfit ! It’s simple yet the scarf in there.. Awesome !
    An almost boho style yet rockish ! MY favorite style of all, gotta say..

    Kisses ! 😀 ❤

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    GG! Thank you<3, well lately I haven't been much into color (as it shows ehe) but …I still love it. Help with colorful outfits? 😉 I'm sure you wont have any problem doing awesome ones 😉
    I'll send you the lm in world (or paste it here later?) because I'm not logged in atm muahs!

    Awww abra<3<3<3!! Yes, I've been inspired in doing looks that I'd totally wear, or actually I'm inspired on my own closet I guess..:D glad you liked it luff! muahs!

    Aww thank you Petite!!! muahmuah ^^

    Thank you so much Virtual!!! \o/ ❤

    Inex, I will have to think about that eheheh 😉 and yay, happy you like this look so much, I love this scarf too!!! Thank youuu hun muah!

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