Come over to the dark side!


Listening to . Animal Collective – ‘My girls’

come over to the dark side

Worn :

Hair – ‘*barberyumyum*18/black’ by DP*yumyum

Skin – ‘Lilly – pale / no make up glamour skin’ by [KA]

Jacket – ‘cappa – black’ by Bianca F (so old but so cherished)

Leggings – ‘My cut-out leggings’ by (Milk Motion)

Shoes – ‘J’s ankle boots – black’ by J’s/JB Gazov

Headband – ‘AM Tulip – licorice headband’ by Miel

Gloves – ‘Full finger gloves : black’ by (DoMoCo)

Bag – ‘Tina bag . Black’ by Barerose

10 thoughts on “Come over to the dark side!

  1. ohmyohmai says:

    *noms your cute adorable high fashion faise*
    You’re a mixture of cute, fashionable, mysterious and pretty in this look~ It makes me wish the weather was colder like right about now. I’m getting mosquito bites all over in los angeles which isn’t spose to happen!!! *SOBS*

    Love how it’s all black but the texture of the jacket and the bag makes this super interesting 🙂 Great look, I love the composition of the pictures so much too ❤

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    \o/ Anya! ❤ You thought of every word that went through my subconscious while I did this one 😀
    I'm predicting colder days in a close 'future' was cold yesterday so it reminded me of how I miss falll/winter (just because of fashion really, not that I love rain and such) lol..anyways, this is totally something I'd wear and plan to, soon 😉
    I know its like hell right now in l.a. with all the fires and the heat :O its slightly scary everytime I see it on tv! Omg and mosquitos, you get out of there right this instance!!! ❤

    Tomomo, lol, not THAT dark, lol, I never though darth vader to be very fashionable anyways ahaha! ❤ I'm happy you like this though, this is such an old jacket from bf*, I, I hope there will be more like this, done in the future because it's still a big fav of mine and everytime I find a reason to wear it, I do!!! *hugs joo*

    Bru!! <33 lols, I hope thats a ..good thing? :O I love this song..and I loved highschool too! 😉 muaaah!

    Abrazz!!! <33 😀 aww, my favorite peeps here, aha, I'm already in a fall mood myself, not that I'm sick of summer but I've had such a crazy hot weekend that I was happy to feel a little cold yesterday! I'm loving this hair so much and this bag and these boots, I just had to put this total black look together and happy you likessss, muahs!!

  3. Inex Hax says:

    Hello Uma and peeps 🙂
    Gotta say this is the very FIRST time i post in this blog !
    I stop here everyday!! 😀

    It’s Umas fault i spend most of my lindens in clothing !!! xD
    Thanks for showing me so many stores i never knew before . I simply adore shopping and I’m a soul and heart fashionista !

    I love this look by the way.. Black is my favorite color and I love the leggins, the bag, the jacket putting it all together and the boots look awesome !!!
    Grats for the look ^^

    Kisses and never stop blogging Uma ! 😀 ❤

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    yikes, you’re leaving me speechless Inex, thank you so so much, if there’s one reason why I do this, is just that..ehehe, BANKRUPCY! 😉 nah, I really appreciate your feedback and your motivational words, I’m happy you like what I do here and happy it ‘suits’ you 🙂
    Black is definitely my favorite, if not most worn color ever, ehe, I’m happy to say black is..the new black 😀 or vice versa. It’s coming back full force with a little twist in materials and a different character and well, I truly love this one, glad you do too. Thank you xoxo, ❤

  5. Petitelittlegirl Pinklady says:

    Uma is Bianca still around??? I would love to see if I can still get cappa ….. looking awesome as usual

  6. Uma Ceawlin says:

    thank you jocelyn <3, I'm loving it aswell 😀 especially the glossy lips yums!!

    Hai, Petite, yes, as far as I know, Bianca F, or BF* is the store, I'll grab the slurl as soon as I can for you or just im me in world? xoxo

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