I’m good I’m gone


I don’t really feel like writting much..but I do have to say a few things about these two looks. I’ve battled with myself, if I should or not blog them, but I’ve been wanting to make some looks with these AMAZING Tres blah bags and, I’ve wrote down some time ago to remind myself I should get them but, I would either forget or not know where they were. Yeah, because sometimes, I am retarded! Anyways, once found, I could not resist and got the infamous Bubbles fundraiser outfit and !lamb‘s unbirthday redux, a different version of the one released for hair fair and omg, I ended up loving these looks. Another thing I really need to say is, Tokeo.Plastik‘s Boudoir dresses might well be my most favorite short/tight dress EVER. I’m serious. It’s so amazingly done, I struggle with skirt prims a lot (i bet you do too) and this one is just PERFECT. There’s different graphics to each color, and all extremely well done. Hey that’s a lot to say, knowing its such a ‘simple’ (which doesn’t mean easy) design and the graphic designs are quite discrete but beautiful. Hair corsages are from AtomicBambi, a store I’ve blogged before and these are new in store, you’ll get two for one (they’re resizable aswell) and they are an awesome addition to our accessories bag, I love hair accessories so..you know, I love them!


……<3 Uma


Details :

1st look .

Hair – ‘oh my happyness’ by [OH] – Hair [OH] (creator Fhaya denimore)

Skin – ‘petal frex [light] april -pure3’ by Curio/Gala Phoenix

Hair corsage – ‘london I (blush)’ by AtomicBambi

Dress – ‘Boudoir – JL – Paisley’ by [Plastik]

Leggings – ‘fucsia leggings 1 (ghost hunt freebie)’ by FTV

Socks – ‘Socks mit suspenders – black’ by Pig

Shoes – ‘ANT FLATS – RAZZMATAZZ’ by Miel

Bag – ‘Chic Satchel (pink)’ by Tres Blah


Hair – ‘Unbirthday redux – chocolate bars pack’ by !lamb

Hair Corsage – ‘bangkok II (saffron)’ by AtomicBambi

Dress/Jumper + lil buttoned shirt + bubbles forever necklace – all part of bubbles fundraiser outfit by (fd)

Leggings – ‘basics sheer leggings [Concrete]’ by !Ohmai

Shoes – ‘petanko cross camel’ by [0N]

Bag – ‘Chic Satchel (white but slightly darkened) by Tres Blah

Listening to ….Lykke Li – I’m good I’m gone

13 thoughts on “I’m good I’m gone

  1. katerinalytton says:

    I absolutely love the dress!! And i dont usually like tight dresses in sl cause asyou said the prims are a PITA.
    The skins are very cute too!!
    Great job as always.

  2. Evie says:

    where do you get your props from? i have the makeup set already, but i really love that wardrobe! Outfits are lovely too.

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Awww thank you Cleo!! I do agree with you, bestest ever, happy you liked the looks! ❤

    Thank you Katerina, and I can tell you there's no editing on dress, it's absolutely amazing I don't know about others and different shapes but god, seriously its so well done!!!..It's been a while I didn't go :O over a dress like that, especially taking in consideration the prims part. eh 🙂 ❤

    Hi evie, eh, props, they're tagged. The wardrobe is awesome, opens and closes and has different background textures, (clothes not included though) but it's from Y's house and everything there is amazingly done and super cheap taking in consideration.
    The mirror is also from the loft and the suitcases from Miabella foxley, m.fox! 🙂

  4. ohmyohmai says:

    I lost these bags in my inventory and I’m scrambling to find it now cause how embarrassing is it that I actually have that romance novel popping out from within the bag? XD like the actual rl copy omgahhhh *dies in a pool of shame shame shame* XD XD

    You look so purdy though ❤ two different looks which both kinda go with the gorgeous bag, very girly and lovely ❤

  5. Petitelittlegirl Pinklady says:

    THE BAG NEED THE BAG – waiting waiting waiting for Tres Blah to reopen – so far I tp into the unicorn – or is it a horse – to blank walls ….. boohooo

  6. Uma Ceawlin says:

    awww..Ohmailove how the hell did you lose them??…lol…and, did you read it? Lol 😀
    thank yous, glad you liked the looks I wasn’t too sure..but I really needed to share Plastik’s dress and the bubbles outfit is just too cute. MUAHS!

    Yes you do Euni!! get them, and yes, big fan of lykke li here 😉

    Petite, the store in starlust is under construction but the tableau one is open. The bags are for sale outside in the market where some other booths are, you can find all colors there!!

    Thank you shelby, 😀 ❤

  7. Emy Aker says:

    Thank God you agreed with yourself to show us these amazing looks!!
    The bag is so cool! The first look is also my favorite one ^^, xo xo ♥

  8. Uma Ceawlin says:

    awwww..to be honest Emy, thats the one I battled with, should I should I not..eheh, ❤ your words! ty so much!!


    babay ❤ boopboopbeedoo! didn’t work as I thought . *hugs chu*

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