Hiii, this is a speedy post, just to remind you (or let you know) you will not want to miss the opening of Manatee Mcmillan‘s new store – Narwhal – if you are not familiar with Manatee’s work over at [twee] now you will have an opportunity to do so by checkin Narwal.  It’s opening in..well right now, 4pm sl time! Here’s a sneak peek of some things you will for sure like. Fun, casual, colorful, great to mix and match. Make sure you check it, grab the tp

❤ Uma



Left to right :

Hair – ‘Jade – cheyanne’ by Exile

Glasses – ‘ducklips’ by Gritty Kitty

Top – ‘Stop slouching’ by Narwhal

Skirt – ‘taff taff skirt’ by Narwhal

Socks by Naive (ty mia <3)

Shoes – ‘verve – red’ by Maitreya


Hair – ‘moira – brown r:pink’ by **Amrita**

Skirt – ‘high waist super skirt’ (worn as shorts) by Narwhal

Shirt – ‘pumpkin crop – see through’ by Narwhal

Top (undershirt) – (part of) ‘summer playsuit’ by Narwhal

Socks – ‘socks mit suspenders – goldenrod’ by Pig

Shoes – ‘high oxfords – black’ by Tesla


Hair – ‘romy’ by >TRUTH<

top – ‘white lace stappy top’ by Narwhal

Skirt – ‘high waist super skirt’ (worn as skirt/pants layer) by Narwhal

Socks by Naive

Shoes – ‘high oxfords – black’ by Tesla

Flower by =feathers=

5 thoughts on “Narwhal!

  1. Miabella Foxley says:

    i went over to her store earlier today and OMG sooo cute! she’s def a new favorite for sure. and yay for sockage! you look supah dupah cute & i love that amrita hair on you, will have to check that out later 🙂
    p.s. socks work perfectly with the skates- just tug up the ruffles ❤

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    ahah, thank you for sockage Mia, 😉 we can never have too many. Frilly ftw, and yes, I’m loving Manatee’s new store/clothes. They’re fun to play with, the type of clothes you put on and make you feel happy. This amrita hair is probably my favorite I still wonder about the choice of colors from designer, but this one is a cute little mix of reds/oranges. check it check it ❤

    Newie!!! ❤ me too, the jumper is supposed to be with skirt, but removing the skirt prim works just as awesome as shorts with suspenders..and we can also wear it as skirt only like the look on the right. Lot's of possibilities and way more to see at Narwhal.
    Thank you hunnybunny <33

    ahah yay, cherrie, ty!!! 😀 we missed each other, I was there earlier yesterday.

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