Maria loves cupcakes too!

😀 I couldn’t help but smile and squee with happyness today, when I logged in. Maria Gherardi, my favorite if not the only, portuguese designer I am a true fan of has recently created a dress with cupcakes. Knowing of my insane obsession with them she decided to call them ‘Uma loves cupcakes’, as a joke, which made me giggle with her but I am honored! The dress of course is the yummiest thing ever. It’s cute and feminine and fun to play with other pieces , since it comes as a top version (all layers possible) and,  both top and bottom are resizable. She also offers a mod version with the resizable one and there are 4 colors to choose from ❤ ! Obrigada Maria!!

Irie  Campese, over at So Many Styles has also released a couple of goodies lately which I also fell in love with  so I decided to wear her crochet jacket over the cupcakes dress, I found it to give it a quirky cute look and matched perfectly. Her new releases are so worth checking out. I’ve always been a fan of her work aswell which is really eclectic, colorful, fun and thoughtful. ❤ Uma


out the door

Details :

Hair – French Kiss – ivory’ by [SHAG]

Glasses – ‘Ray-band glasses’ by (W)

Jacket – ‘Pink crochet sweater’ by {SMS}

Brooch – (part of) ‘top gold chest degem baggy’ by {SMS}

Dress – ‘Uma Loves Cupcakes! . Turquoise’ by [MG fashion]

Socks – ‘Ankle socks blue’ by .: Naive :.

Shoes – ‘ChiChi pumps – cream’ by Maitreya

Bags . ‘picnic :: pink :: tartan 01 bag’ by GS*s / ‘Handbang R.F. #gray’ by Emery

8 thoughts on “Maria loves cupcakes too!

  1. Landra Beerbaum says:

    hey i search in girls style shop for the pink tartan bag, but cannot find it… have you a LM for me?

  2. farahpalmer says:

    omg, omg totally cute! ❤ u uma.. and love the environment too… that painting is awesome! thank you again for you creative talent! xxx Farah

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Hi landra, I bought it there some time ago, but haven’t checked store lately. 😦
    So I think it should be for sale if not, maybe im the creator? I’ll check it myself and if I find it I’ll let you know or just im me in world? muahs!!

    Aww, farah, thank you so much!…that’s my own little room at a friends house ehe. Painting is actually from a rl artist which I admire so much, called – Kukula. I think you should check her website

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Uma loves cupcakes = uma is one frustrated puppy.
    I have never eaten one, and yet I am totally obsessed about how they look, how I think they will taste like.
    I have pictures saved in computer for a future tattoo and to just fulfill this cupcake emptyness I has in my heart lmao!
    luff you abra!! <33333

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