Late for Sushi!

Here’s a little story, I am obsessed with cupcakes! Nothing new for the ones who know me, know that I love how cupcakes shape and how they look, and how I even want to tattoo them but the ironic side of it is, I have never ate one!!! I know it’s hard to believe but it is the absolute truth. I have thought of trying to make them myself but I want like, the real thing. The funny part of it is, I am not a ‘cake’ person, I love sweets, candy mostly but not cakes. So I don’t know, if I ever eat one I might not like them and that will ruin one happy girl’s dream. Lol! So you can imagine, [ATOMIC] group gift ‘cake face skin’ was a treat for me! I not only love it, but find it really unique/creative. It comes with smudge face and a cupcake attachment, and, If you haven’t grabbed it yet, join the [ATOMIC] group (there’s a 250L fee but totally worth it), and get yours. ^^ !

I had a sushi date today but I blame being late on an afternoon spent eating pixel cupcakes! 😀 ❤ Uma


Late for sushi

Listening to Kyle Andrews – ‘Sushi’

Details :

Hair . ‘Alex . night’ by >Truth<
Skin . ‘2nd Anniversary . group gift ‘Cake Face skin’ by [ATOMIC]
Headband . ‘Am Tulip headband . licorice’ by Miel
Dress . ‘Asian onepiece *bird*’ by +KiiToS!!+
Pants . ‘Mo pocket pants . breeze’ by Miel
Shoes . ‘Powder Puff – cloud’ by *Kookie*
Bag . ‘Takeout Bag . red’ by HOC Apparel

7 thoughts on “Late for Sushi!

  1. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Thank you New *noms you* !!
    Yes, the bag is awesome, comes with 3 more I think, 😀 They’re more decorative than anything else but I thought it would look cute! Yay for cupcakes too! 😀

    It’s pretty awesome Euni, I’ve had for a few aswell but I had never worn it ehe. Bag is a bargain too 🙂 muahs!

    Evie, I just checked and lol, yes it would. Maybe do another candy in the future? I think no matter what, this skin is really awesome, but wouldn’t advise to wear it without the cupcake Lol. muah!!

    Thank you zaii!!! ^^

  2. Evie says:

    Yeah any excuse to do a candy blog! lol. Is it worth joining the atomic group? I’ll only join if there are loads of group gifts since ya have to pay to join!

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