Powder Puff and Snugs = <3

Hey everyone!! 😀 I’ve been soooo excited to blog this, mostly because I’ve witnessed Kookie’s creation process of these amazing shoes, and been waiting for heads up to blog them. Also, this is my first post ever for both girls and boys so yay for that. I could not resist it since, these ‘snugs‘ shoes are the first official men’s shoes Kookie made and I personally think she achieved something greater. Suede ftw! I think men will love these, either for a more formal or really casual look, they work perfectly and look amazing. I myself may consider getting them for me aswell or steal Elijah’s 😉 !

Anyways, on to what could well be one of my favorite pair of shoes EVER. The ‘Powder puff‘. These have all the features I was waiting and nagging Kookie to create, perfect high wedges, t-bars and adorable colors. They come in 8 different colors : sun gold, bordeaux, sea glass, jade, spruce, cloud, teal and peach. They are soooo sweet and sexy and cute, all at the same time. How can you resist these? Make sure you go check them..like, now. ❤ Uma

pp and snug


powder puff and snug

Details :

On Elijah :

Hair/Hat – ‘Natural BLACK ~ CHRIS Casual’ by .::MADesigns Hair::.

Jacket – ‘Merino Knit Jacket .  [White]’ by Armidi

Shirt – ‘Daddy’s out at the bar . plaid’ by Thimbles

Pants – ‘Boyd dress trousers . Outer Space’ by [W&B]

Shoes – ‘Snugs . *Dirty Ash*‘ by Kookie


On meh :

Hair – ‘Girl anachronism – Milk’ by .:[Tiny Bird]:.

Skin – ‘April June 2’ by Gala Phoenix/Curio

Jacket – ‘Ladies Like Flowers eggshell’ by Pig

Dress – ‘Rex Plaid Tunic – dust’ by Salsa!

Shoes – ‘Powder Puff – Peach’ by Kookie

12 thoughts on “Powder Puff and Snugs = <3

  1. Uma Ceawlin says:

    LOl, abra..WHY YOU LAUGHED?…because of naughty-ness?..Uh, I want to know. *whisper* 😉 Powder puffs are rocking my feet aswell! Muahs ❤

    Aww Thank you Titian!! 😀 I'm not sure he'll be into blogging much but when and if I find suitable, HE will. I'll make him 😀
    Oh god, his hand..wasn't nowhere near where you think it was. 😛 Perv! lol ❤

    Clear, yes, yes you do. We can't ever have too many. God, I want the 'snugs' myself lol. 🙂

    New, thank you!!..and YES, of course its fine. These are resizable too, I actually love them, I'm pretty sure girls will get the men shoes aswell. I am considering it 😉 ❤

    Yay Euni!! Thank you! They are adorable, too cute but the wedges give it a little 'naughty' feel, imo.

    Tomomo, he was on earlier. I shall bring him and introduce you both 😀 and bring napkins too LOl. You made me giggle ❤ !!!

    baba …SHUSH!

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