Blossom & Ocean

When we think of summer, I at least, think of flowey dresses, fresh and delicate fabrics, prints, boho pieces, happy colors and more ‘organic’ accessories. All that reminds me being by the sea/beach or on vacation somewhere exotic. That’s what this dress from Dangerous Lace makes me think of.  The dress is called ‘Phoenix Maxi Dress‘ and it comes in 5 different colors : Lemon&chocolate, Pure&Onyx, Blush&Plum, Peach&Wine and this one, Blossom&Ocean. It will be available soon at {DL} and  It’s a great addition to your summer wardrobe if you like long flowey boho inspired dresses (skirt is also mod so you can play with it and make it smaller if you’re an editing queen ; ) and if you happen to not know Dangerous Lace, think you should check this  store. There you can find from jeans, to shorts, dresses, tops,  funky hoodies and bikinis! I have to say the bikini line is definitely worth checking. After all we’re in summer right? My favorites are the ‘plaid’ and ‘hamptons’ bikinis which you can find on second floor. I met Kaysha (owner of DL) some time ago and I can say she’s one of the nicest/easy going people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet so I’m pretty sure the customer service will also be, just in case you need to reach her. I was planning to re-shoot this outfit in a more suitable background in world but sl has been acting like a ***** so I just gave up. Meh.

Also, Dernier cri has released some new hairs yesterday and this is a hair store I’ve been a fan of since I found it at hair fair last year, so I couldnt resist this one. All of this year’s hair fair hairs are in store now along with the new ones so YAY for friday shopping.

❤ Uma



details :

Hair -‘Audrey . brown shades’ by Dernier Cri

Skin – ‘Bird skin – heavy brow’ by (fd)

Dress – ‘Phoenix maxi dress . Blossom&Ocean‘ (to be released soon) by Dangerous Lace (<-slurl)

Tattoo – ‘sacred blood’ by Gok

Bag – ‘Rattan Bag_mid’ by :MIRONE:

14 thoughts on “Blossom & Ocean

  1. Raine Dagger says:

    Hey Uma, that dress is beautiful. Great styling ! I was browsing fashion blogs and I came across a blog by the name of Envious Life Of Sin. She had some…not nice things to say about you. Heres the link:

    -Raine ❤

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    WHAT THE HELL????..Sui ling who?…I am seriously getting annoyed by this. Thank you so much for showing me Raine. Everyone who has read the comments on a previous post of mine knows this girl Giselle, has made several rude comments, coming out of nowhere, under other people’s names, on my blog two days ago and in others as I’ve heard. I im’ed her to let her know I KNEW she was the same person in all comments since I had her ip. I don’t take anything back. She NEEDS to grow up and now reading that post and the previous one even, only makes me think how mental this girl is. Her words, her insanity, her racism, her thoughts about herself, I’m lead to believe shes not sane. Bottom line is, I wouldn’t even know who this girl is if she hadn’t confront me first, here, in my blog, through comments. I don’t like drama nor do I tend to contribute to it, everyone that knows me knows that is true. I’m done with this.

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    I thought relevant to say what I said in that comment but anyways, thank you guys, ❤ this is one beautiful long dress. Must see and the store ^^ muahs!!!

  4. Alanys Runo says:

    I was wondering in what part of Garden of Ku is that tattoo in? I have many tattoos from that store and I have never seen it. Could you help me? Also you look very beautiful in those pics. LOVE the dress!

  5. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Nina!! Oi, 😉 eheh, its probably my favorite tattoo store in sl. The tats are really well done. Here’s the slurl
    beijos!! ❤

    Hi Alanis, recently the store has moved, not sure you've checked. I just pasted slurl for Nina up here, so has you enter, to your left, in the other room.
    This specific tattoo is a collab between Danel and his gf, so, not only you get the tat you also get a tank top and jeans. It's not sold separate but it's totes worth it!..and yes, this dress is really gorgeou and has Kaysha wrote, it's up for sale now. ❤ muah!

    😉 kay!

    Thank you Emy *muahs*

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