When I woke up this afternoon…


Oh, I’ve been waiting for Kae over at NINIKO to release these loose sweater/tunics and it was worth the waiting.

They’re so cute (and come with several options too) and go so well with a lot of things, fun to mix and match!


Left .

Hair – ‘Tallulah – brown pack’ by LeLutka

Skin – ‘Erin . creme . classic’ by Bebae

Sweater + shirt – ‘Natural tunic’ by NINIKO

Scarf (sangria color) by Maitreya

Socks – ‘Ribbon Knit Socks in Gray’ by Sumi

Shoes – ‘pinup’ by Stiletto Moody


Right .

Sweater – ‘Natural tunic (brown)’ by NINIKO

Shirt – ‘unisex v-neck raspberry’ by Pig

Undershirt – ‘chenille sweater U – raspberry’ by Pig

Shorts – ‘cargo shorts – blue’ by Fishy Strawberry

Pants (underpants) – ”lowrise jeans original [jet]’ by Armidi

Shoes – ‘Biker boots – beige’ by [hoorenbeek]

Brooch by Fishy Strawberry (bonbon brooch sugar)

Listening to ”turn on billie” by The Pierces

11 thoughts on “When I woke up this afternoon…

  1. Abra Exonar says:

    Wow, these are pretty! I’ve gotten accustomed to Ninikos spot on bold colors and style, but this is softer and muted and I think it’s fantastic. And the Hoorenbeek boots are a fav, and they look yum with those jeans!!! Cute Ummmaz <33Abra

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    I love that Kae is rocking the loose shirts and sweaters too and though I agree with you about the colors I am also very pleased to see softer ones, especially on these sweater tunics. 😀 these boots were so not working with the top prim ..I have skinny legs, but with the jeans was a happy match. I’m happy you like it Abraaaa ❤ chu!

    Thank you Evie, I wanted a red lipstick skin in a pale tone, Bebae's recent release did it for me. It's quite a beautiful one, I advise to check out. xoxo ^^

    \o/ Emy!..mhm, one is more feminine, the other more..rough. I guess, I don't know which I like the most, but there are so many options to mix and match this that any outfit would do. 😉 thank you hun ❤ xoxo

  3. Gabbie McGinnis says:

    Hey, I love the style! But I can’t find the socks, do you have a Slurl for them???

  4. Jenny says:

    Hi Uma! I love this look! May I ask you where you happened to get the socks at? I can’t find the Sumi store in-world, thanks a ton! 🙂

  5. Uma Ceawlin says:

    ❤ Sumi is tuli's small branch. You can find these amazinggggggg socks at Tuli Asturias store, on your front right as you walk in..you can't miss it but if you do, ack just im me in world ❤ I'll gladly take you there. muahs!

  6. ipad 3 news says:

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