That’s Miss to you!

Hi! I was in a good mood when I started writting this post, but about 3 hours ago I logged into to wordpress with a msg that my posts were disabled for some odd reason. So of course, I waited, I got mad and I plurked. Not exactly in that specific order. Fortunately it didn’t take more than 3 hours for wordpress to solve the issue. Hello? could you be any slower?

Anyways on to what I came here to do. While I have much to say about wordpress I don’t about this outfit,  I it. A lot. Irie Campese‘s skirt (from So Many Styles) was my inspiration. I probably own almost every highwaisted skirt in sl and I have plenty in my other life too, so you know I love them. This one has a very retro feel to it and I thought  it would go pretty well with this shirt. I added a little vest to it so that only the shirt prims would show.  I feel kinda ‘naked’ without socks, lol, for some reason I just wear them a lot but I wanted this look to be simple and with not a lot of clashing colors. The Q-steps from Periquita are another favorite shoes (I’m all for the t-bars!) and I thought an updo would suit this look better. !lamb‘s ‘unbirthday’ hair which I love and have not featured yet, seemed perfect. Also, another great addition to your inventory, would be these poses, imo. I was sent a little pack and have to say they work great. I’m using two of [Lyndz-Matic] poses which will be available soon. If you’re in need of some more cute poses, do check this store. ❤ Uma

miss to you

thats miss to you

Details :

Hair – ‘Unbirthday . butterfinger . chocolate bars pack’ by !lamb

Skin – ‘LondonLight – makeup5b’ by former MMS/LeLutka

Glasses – ‘Ray-band glasses’ by (W)

Shirt – ‘Louise shirt/peachpuff’ by LeLutka

Vest‘Classy vest’ by *IR*

Skirt – ‘Flower Highwaist skirt red-grey’ by {SMS}

Shoes – ‘Q-Steps’ (color change/scripted) by .:Periquita:.

Cig by Fnky

Pose(s) ‘cig break’ and ‘thats miss to you’ by [Lyndz-Matic]


8 thoughts on “That’s Miss to you!

  1. Evie says:

    Love the poses, bottom one is perfect for showing off awesome shoes! I have a couple from that store already but I should go back. Went to look at the poses at Vain Inc and they are really cool. I have way too many poses in my pose stand though!
    It’s a pretty skirt too 😀

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Hi Evie! I totally agree, this is one awesome pose! These are part of a set that will be released soon and when the poses are this awesome I think we can never have enough. ehe. Vain’s are also one of my favorite ones. Actually Vain, Flowey, Torrid LAP and pda are my favorite, and now Lyndz-Matic. Muah!! ty! ^^

    \o/ New!! Thank you missy ❤ and yay for solving wordpress issue. Took some time but I'm up again 😉 muah!

    Than you Euni, this skirt is too cute, there's 2 more colors aswell but this was my favorite. 🙂 Glad you like it.

  3. Evie says:

    Those are my fave pose stores too. I only found out about flowey and Torrid via your blog! So thank you. I also like Imperial Elegance, Striking Poses and DeePosed 😀 I need more $$ to buy more poses! lol. Oh Sunflower do nice poses too.

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    awww, YAY, I’m happy you like it Irie ❤ 😀 muah!

    Evie!!! ^^ aww, I'm surprised you didn't know about flowey and torrid but extremely happy I could actually introduce you to 2 of my favorite pose makers and that's the reason why I blog and why it makes me keep doing it. ❤
    I have to check deePosed and Sunflower myself. Thank you 😉

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