Heidi Fawn

why hello lovers and haters. 😉 Lovers, mostly. I had this outfit pretty much done yesterday but I was sooooooo lazy to post I’m here to do so today. Just in time. I ❤ everything about it, I know its quite colorful but that was the purpose. I’m in a flowery, colorful mood and no one can change that, even if they try.

Things I love about this outfit :  First the amazing ‘scoop back tank top’ by This is a Fawn. OMGWTF Barbecue has a winner right here, just look at that amazing back. It’s quite casual but that little touch just made it extra special and extra yum. ❤ u omg!

Second, the absolutely wonderful hair corsages by AtomicBambi, who was kind enough to show me a preview of her pieces before she sent them my way, and how could I not fall in love with these? I’m all about accessories and these are just beautiful. There’s a big variety of colors and also shapes. I was pouting at the fact I wouldn’t be able to show you all, but I will def. incorporate these in more outfits to come. I am also very much in love with new Miel socks, but I have decided not to wear the sock prims this time because the length of the skirt wouldn’t allow me to (as in was looking odd). I owe these socks a proper post, because they are again, another favorite item. Another thing I love is this scarf, I have blogged ‘The Dogs‘ store before, JDDM‘s scarves are the bomb. Seriously, and because I love scarves in general and like my neck all warm I thought I’d share. Ty JD! ❤ Last but not least, the hair. I found it while checkin towa’s store and probably some of you have known about it, I haven’t. It’s called ” ”D!va” ” and the hairs are really pretty, there’s also a lucky board for another one which is not for sale. I think the textures aren’t the greatest but the hairs are definitely worth checking anyways. I chose the carrot color and I’m pretty happy with it. ❤ Uma


Hair corsage Fiji (blush) by AtomicBambi . Hair corsage dubai (saffron) by AtomicBambi


Heidi fawn

Details :

Hair – ”Yuri” (carrot) by ” ”D!va” ”

Skin – ‘Miranda glow juice NB skin’ by Vivé9

Hair accessory – ”Hair corsage – dubai” (saffron) (with resizable script) by AtomicBambi

Scarf – ‘The Hedi  scarf – blue’ (with resizable script) by The Dogs

Top – ‘scoop back tank top [Teal]’ by This is a Fawn

Skirt – ‘chiffon skirt green (par of fatpack)’ by Oyakin*

Socks – ‘JANE SOCKS – FLOR BRIGHT – limeade’ by Miel

Shoes – ‘HIGH school xtremeheel black (color change socks)’ by N-core

Bag – ‘STRAW BAG (green)’ by *LOTTA

9 thoughts on “Heidi Fawn

  1. Alexandria says:

    Uma, this is wonderful. The floral hair piece gives such a good vibe 😀 You look so cozy and warm but cute and summery 😀

    cheers its adorable 🙂

  2. Malika Marville says:

    another wonderful outfit, dear.
    I stopped into tif yesterday, and OMGWTF was there.
    I didn’t get a chance to pick up the ‘hex’ dress, and when I did, she gave me a matching hex bow. 🙂
    Anyways, you’re sense of style is amazing.
    I have to say you’re one of the only blogs I will check up on a few times a day.
    Thanks for being beautiful 🙂

  3. Nina Becker says:

    aww i love the flowers!! and the hair, i must search for it, so cute! =D
    this bag is one of my favs, i ❤ Lotta!
    i bought these shoes almost one week ago and still have to read nc, they looks fab!!
    i love the way you put them all together!!

    oh…and i went to vive9 to buy summer skins, but the colors are way too different from the preview she sent…that made me all emo-sad =/

  4. Abra Exonar says:

    Umaaaaz! You look adorable!! I love how soft your outfit is with the hard spike of the heel. btw, you saved the day for me. I’d bought a pair of n-core shoes a while ago & for the life of me couldn’t remember the store name! tytytytyty <33Abra

  5. petitelittlegirl Pinklady says:

    Uma as usual you knock it right out of the ballpark. I need help finding the bag though – love it when SL search does not help ….. anyway you can send post LM. thanks – kisses from Pinky

  6. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Aww thank you guys!!! ❤

    Alexandria, the hair piece is one of my favorite things in this outfit, it just brights it all up and it is def. a must have item in our invos. So cute, ty!! ^^

    Malika, Hi!! 🙂 yes, omg is awesome like that. Ehe. You have to go back to check these tops too..they're awesome! 🙂 ty so much for your words!! ^^

    aw, YAY Nina! Obrigada, ehe, well hit me in world anytime if you have trouble finding the hair shop, I don't have a slurl right now to paste here. *ack* About the shoes, they're so easy to work, just wear hud to change socks colors or touch heel to take that aweful walking sound, eheh. Yeah they rock though! The bag is amazing! I've always been a fan of yaya's work, you're right!..and, Blu has def. changed the skin tones for 'summer' but I think because of the season she thought of doing more tanned ones. Don't be sad *hugs* there's a million others out there. Muah! ❤

    Newreemlicious! aw, ❤ u!!!!..and bag and shoes 😉 ❤ TY!

    Hayden! Thank you so much, I do think the colors go pretty well together, I was hesitant about the red (in this case orange) hair but in the end I loved it too and YES to these heels!! *rawr* Tyyy xoxo

    Abraaaaz! Thank you luff, ehe, oh I had forgotten about these aswell and I love them, edgy edgy heels, lol..and I love the fact they have socks incorporated, gives it a little sweet touch. I'm glad you liked this little touch 😉 ❤ muah!

    wow, thank you petite!!! the bag is by Lotta! The creator's name is Yaya Klees you can get to her store through picks most definitely, if not, hit me in world I'll send you an LM: xoxo ❤

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