Heidi Fawn

why hello lovers and haters. 😉 Lovers, mostly. I had this outfit pretty much done yesterday but I was sooooooo lazy to post I’m here to do so today. Just in time. I ❤ everything about it, I know its quite colorful but that was the purpose. I’m in a flowery, colorful mood and no one can change that, even if they try.

Things I love about this outfit :  First the amazing ‘scoop back tank top’ by This is a Fawn. OMGWTF Barbecue has a winner right here, just look at that amazing back. It’s quite casual but that little touch just made it extra special and extra yum. ❤ u omg!

Second, the absolutely wonderful hair corsages by AtomicBambi, who was kind enough to show me a preview of her pieces before she sent them my way, and how could I not fall in love with these? I’m all about accessories and these are just beautiful. There’s a big variety of colors and also shapes. I was pouting at the fact I wouldn’t be able to show you all, but I will def. incorporate these in more outfits to come. I am also very much in love with new Miel socks, but I have decided not to wear the sock prims this time because the length of the skirt wouldn’t allow me to (as in was looking odd). I owe these socks a proper post, because they are again, another favorite item. Another thing I love is this scarf, I have blogged ‘The Dogs‘ store before, JDDM‘s scarves are the bomb. Seriously, and because I love scarves in general and like my neck all warm I thought I’d share. Ty JD! ❤ Last but not least, the hair. I found it while checkin towa’s store and probably some of you have known about it, I haven’t. It’s called ” ”D!va” ” and the hairs are really pretty, there’s also a lucky board for another one which is not for sale. I think the textures aren’t the greatest but the hairs are definitely worth checking anyways. I chose the carrot color and I’m pretty happy with it. ❤ Uma


Hair corsage Fiji (blush) by AtomicBambi . Hair corsage dubai (saffron) by AtomicBambi


Heidi fawn

Details :

Hair – ”Yuri” (carrot) by ” ”D!va” ”

Skin – ‘Miranda glow juice NB skin’ by Vivé9

Hair accessory – ”Hair corsage – dubai” (saffron) (with resizable script) by AtomicBambi

Scarf – ‘The Hedi  scarf – blue’ (with resizable script) by The Dogs

Top – ‘scoop back tank top [Teal]’ by This is a Fawn

Skirt – ‘chiffon skirt green (par of fatpack)’ by Oyakin*

Socks – ‘JANE SOCKS – FLOR BRIGHT – limeade’ by Miel

Shoes – ‘HIGH school xtremeheel black (color change socks)’ by N-core

Bag – ‘STRAW BAG (green)’ by *LOTTA