”Summer” by Vivé9

If you have been in love with Vivé9 skins, as I have since the beginning there is no way in hell you won’t absolutely love this one. I hardly know where to start here, and I am partial on this matter, because since the first day I’ve blogged Vivé9 skins, I’ve been in awe with BluAbyss Denimore skins. From aoki, to Belle, Miranda and now..Summer, her new release. I do not know which I love the most but I surely know this one, is another MUST HAVE. I am utterly surprised by the tanned tones because these are just perfect for this season. They’re glowingly beautiful, but not over the top. If you were one of those, annoyed by the seams, know that they are no longer visible in any skin and they were majorly improved since Aoki. There is nothing wrong I could point out to these ones. These skins are in mho one of the best skins around so far (tanned included). The face features are very classic  if  this is the right word, and the make ups go from very naturally discrete to slightly more edgy (as you can see in crisp). I like that Blu keeps the lips quite natural and still glossy and plum, since I am not a lipstick girl, I prefer eye make up than the rest. As for the skin tones, there are four. ‘Crisp, Toffee, Tea and cream’ (and all come with and without hair version). Crisp being the darkest one but not as dark as her last skin ‘Belle’ in ebony or afro. I love seeing Blu’s work improve as she releases each skin and I can say I’m head over heels by these. Absolute favorite! I chose to show you only a few of Crisp Toffee and cream tones, but I totally advise you to check these for yourself, store is re-opened as ‘we speak’ and there is a special price for fatpacks for the next days..so..why don’t you? xoxo ❤ Uma

summer crisp tone

Summer [Crisp] ‘Sweet’ NB skin and Summer [Crisp] ‘Turkish’ NB Skin by Vivé9

summer toffee tone

Summer [Toffee] ‘CottonCandy’ NB skin and Summer [Toffee] ‘SunnyD’ NB skin by Vivé9

summer by vivé9

Summer [Cream] ‘Blueberry’ NB Skin . Summer [Cream] ‘Sour’ NB Skin and Summer [Cream] Vanilla NB Skin by Vivé9

Clothes by LeLutka and Fishy Strawberry, Hairs by Maitreya, [Curio], (Epoque) and Priestking Code

42 thoughts on “”Summer” by Vivé9

  1. Gogo says:

    There are seams all along the legs and the texture on the body is extremely low-res, so there’s really pixelated stretching all over the torso.

  2. Castries says:

    the skins are so lovely and I simply can´t decide which I like most. But because of the sale there´s no need to choose one 😉
    Can you help me with the Priestking code hair you´re wearing? I can´t find the store.
    Thank you so much, you´re looking gorgeous, as always

  3. Evie says:

    They are cute skins, bit too shiny for my liking, and I don’t like how defined the collar bone is. It’s how a collar bone would look on an extremely skinny girl, not at all like mine in rl because I’m quite curvy. Is BluAbyss Denimore trying to make them look realistic? In my opinion they are a bit Barbie- ish. I do however like the makeup. I may go and have a look at them inworld to see how the collar bone looks without been photoshopped 😛 Lol

    I love the tops your wearing in the second picture!

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    I love the faces more than anything. True, about the make ups, also quite good. ehe, the collar bone I see what you mean, not for all likings, overall I think these are good tanned skins, but to each their own. OH second picture, the left one is an absolutely lovely dress from Fishy Strawberry and the right is from LeLutka. Both gorgeous!! Thanks for your input Evie. ^^ muah!

    Emy, lol, yes, but not enough to be cheap. 😉 xoxo !!!

  5. Evie says:

    Your welcome Uma! OMG I’ve been trying to get my bloody gravatar to show next to my comments but it isn’t working! :S It works when I post comments on my blog but not other peoples. Any ideas anyone? It’s pissing me off now

  6. malikamarville says:

    I went and picked up basically every skins fatpack there was (In light of course)
    I had never heard of vive9, but I was pleasently surprised.
    I didn’t see any seams, the skin looks flawless, a great choice of makeup colors (For summer!) and I personally really love the collar bone.
    The face is ‘Delicate’ as you would say, Uma.
    I was sold on going there by your pictures, but if people were drawn away because of the way it looked, I would recommend them to see it in world to make a fair judgment.
    It might not be everyone taste, but it sure is a dang good choice for a lot of us.
    Exp at only 2,500 for a fat pack, as well as the sale going on for 1,000 for a fat pack.. It pretty much sells it self..
    Just hope everyone keeps in mind the skin will look different on YOUR avatar then umas, for example her lips are very small and concentrated, which is really cute and emphasis the middle gloss on the skin. BUT on yours, it may look completely different.
    Sorry for rambling I just thought i’d share. 🙂

  7. Giselle22 Bristol says:

    yo you knuck if you buck you low class bich i was the firs bich kobey cheated on yo i bring sexy back bitch you mess wiff me you get messed up wifff a bottle to your mothuhfuckin head. and your blog aint shit and i herdt you spred shit about THE GISELLE22? r u crazy you dotn know who u messin with bitches like you get bussed in the head widda bottle PEESE LOW CLASS SORRY BITCH

  8. zaii says:

    totes LOVE your blog, uma! can’t say it enough. and i’m also loving this skin on you… too bad it doesn’t look good on my shape. ;_; you always seem to pull off anything and everything. 😀

  9. shorty says:

    Oooh ive been a fan of ur blog for sum time… Ive gone to other blogs but ALWAYS end up comin back to urs…. class, style, good finds, u always get my creative juices goin… so thanx 4 da good job, and vive9 totally rawks i go to her store about twice a week and just make googley eyes at her ads 😛
    yeah idk wha gogo was talkin bout, she probably has a crackhead pc, hahahaha. Keep it hawt Uma.

  10. Evie says:

    @momo, aunt, giselle and alexandra… if you don’t like Uma’s blog why are you wasting your time looking at it? lol

    Personally I love Uma’s blog in general, some outfits I’m not keen on but other than that they are amazing. Still haven’t been to see the skin yet. x

  11. Evie says:

    Oh and Mali, that’s true about the skin looking different on other people so I shall go down next time im logged in 🙂

  12. jj says:

    you haters are really showing your maturity- or lack there of it. you ovbviously have nothing better to do with your lame selves. its really sad and ridic. i hope uma leaves your pathetic posts up- just to show everyone how incredibly ignorant you are…

  13. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Oh nice way to start the day uh?..Well usually I would just delete rude/ignorant/lame/unappropriate comments that have nothing useful to say but to show hatred towards others. See, this is MY blog, MY domain. You, Momo, Aunt and Giselle are not forced to see/watch it, neither are you deserving of the time I’m waisting writting this. However, I can feel the jealousy and all I have to say is shame on you.

    p.s. Learn how to write, some english lessons wouldn’t hurt you and Giselle, I know you’re Momo and Aunt.
    I have your ip adress.

  14. Francois Ghost says:

    When a person who doesn’t blog or has a blog that no one reads disses you that’s just a shame. UMA I LOVE YOU! ❤

  15. stokki says:

    I love that one person has to come 3 times and be stupid under 3 different aliases lol! Whatevs ❤

  16. Lauryn Arado says:

    Uma, you’re doing an awesome job. Those comments by the immature little girls with way too much time on their hands, remind me of a saying we have in my country “It’s better to produce envy in others and not to feel it”. Keep up with he awesome job and let them be the bitter bishes they obviously are LOL

  17. Evie says:

    I tried them skins and they look awful on me! 😦 lol The people who write those comments must have something wrong with their self confidence, or just jelous because Uma does amazing blogs. Keep on rocking Uma.
    BTW you are my fashion guru, I have an unhealthy obsession with looking at your blog! 😛

  18. Uma Ceawlin says:

    LOL fran ❤ u! XD

    Izzy 😀 at first I frowned and was kind of pissed I had to, I don't like contributing to drama, then I noticed ips…and…same person. Leaving the comments only made me laugh. Woo for hate icing! Can seriously kiss my royal ass with it. *whistles*

    stokki <3, Yeah, so much effort she put into it lol, has reached new levels of stupidy imo!

    Lauryn ❤ thank you and yes, totally agree. I just wonder why go through all this to make a fool of herself or *themselves* (which is not the case since its all the same person lmao). MUAHS !

    Evie <3, yeah, these skins are very particular, do not suit everyone, but I think the same way about a lot of others I just *LOVE* on friends and then on me..bummer. ehe!..and about these comments I pretty much done with them, I just find it absolutely ridiculous and..to some point sad. shame shame, lol..could go learn english instead of spending time hating uh? 😉 muahs

  19. Brisa Gausman says:

    I just wanted to let you know, I love your blog, my friends do read it too, we love your style & fashion sense to mix and match almost everything with the best results.

    Luv ya ❤ … friendly hugs from the other side of the world!!

  20. Uma Ceawlin says:

    ❤ baba!

    Lol Malika! 😉 *hugs you with her superhero powers* *swoosh* 😀

    Brisa, aww thank you so much! I'm happy for the feedback, and for the words, and glad to know you like what I do here, *hugs the other side of the world* lol ❤ MUAH!

  21. Imo says:

    I love these skins 🙂 MY only gripe is instead of creating a new skin she mod’s the Linden one. Which means I always forget her name in world with clicking on the skin and the packs do not have landmarks!

    Love your blog Uma ❤

  22. elsie says:

    hi uma! as so many others have said so far, ignore the mean spirited comments. you’re an amazing blogger with a great sense of style, and i love how you do everything completely…not just the clothes, but poses and descriptions as well.

    i was wondering where i can get that hair that’s in the middle photo on the right and what it’s called. i loveeee it! must have it! lol 🙂

    will keep reading your blog! ❤

  23. Giselle22 Bristol says:

    Hello Everyone, I am the real Giselle22 Bristol, I have just been made aware of this false post under my name. I personally Find it ridiculous. I respect fashion enough not to give personal attacks on another fashion blogger’s “space”. I admit that i do have a humor that many may not be accustomed to but i have no desire to waste my time bringing down someone who writes about fashion without reason of course. Lastly to all of the people who took it upon themselves to comment and act Belligerently by “Plurking” frequent ignorant attacks regarding myself as a result of thinking the post where made by me, you need to mind your business in the future. Acting on ignorance no matter the circumstances gives people the perception that your uneducated. That being said if you feel that look for you then it shows I have class and you have classes.

    Style & Grace-Giselle22 Bristol ❤

  24. darn darwin says:

    Uma … can we get an IP check on the new Giselle22 to see if there is a match? I have to say crazy fuckers like Giselle22 actually make me interested in the Pixel Fashion Scene.

    Keep up the great work Uma!!!

  25. hp mini 210 says:

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