”Summer” by Vivé9

If you have been in love with Vivé9 skins, as I have since the beginning there is no way in hell you won’t absolutely love this one. I hardly know where to start here, and I am partial on this matter, because since the first day I’ve blogged Vivé9 skins, I’ve been in awe with BluAbyss Denimore skins. From aoki, to Belle, Miranda and now..Summer, her new release. I do not know which I love the most but I surely know this one, is another MUST HAVE. I am utterly surprised by the tanned tones because these are just perfect for this season. They’re glowingly beautiful, but not over the top. If you were one of those, annoyed by the seams, know that they are no longer visible in any skin and they were majorly improved since Aoki. There is nothing wrong I could point out to these ones. These skins are in mho one of the best skins around so far (tanned included). The face features are very classic  if  this is the right word, and the make ups go from very naturally discrete to slightly more edgy (as you can see in crisp). I like that Blu keeps the lips quite natural and still glossy and plum, since I am not a lipstick girl, I prefer eye make up than the rest. As for the skin tones, there are four. ‘Crisp, Toffee, Tea and cream’ (and all come with and without hair version). Crisp being the darkest one but not as dark as her last skin ‘Belle’ in ebony or afro. I love seeing Blu’s work improve as she releases each skin and I can say I’m head over heels by these. Absolute favorite! I chose to show you only a few of Crisp Toffee and cream tones, but I totally advise you to check these for yourself, store is re-opened as ‘we speak’ and there is a special price for fatpacks for the next days..so..why don’t you? xoxo ❤ Uma

summer crisp tone

Summer [Crisp] ‘Sweet’ NB skin and Summer [Crisp] ‘Turkish’ NB Skin by Vivé9

summer toffee tone

Summer [Toffee] ‘CottonCandy’ NB skin and Summer [Toffee] ‘SunnyD’ NB skin by Vivé9

summer by vivé9

Summer [Cream] ‘Blueberry’ NB Skin . Summer [Cream] ‘Sour’ NB Skin and Summer [Cream] Vanilla NB Skin by Vivé9

Clothes by LeLutka and Fishy Strawberry, Hairs by Maitreya, [Curio], (Epoque) and Priestking Code