”You look so frail”

😉 Some ‘noob’ lover (you know who you are jj <3) said I looked frail earlier. I prefer delicate. There are a couple of things I love in this look, wait, everything but lets see. First of all, ‘Zoe’ hair, the new release from Maitreya, I adore the new hairs released by Onyx for hf so this one was an instant fave. It falls so good, frames the face so amazingly! The second thing is Vivé9 new skin, ‘Miranda‘, this is a group gift y’all so grab it if you can because it is beautiful. I’m a big fan of Blu’s skins and this next one is a must have. Third, is Niniko recent release, I know there’s a few people who love it too, since I’ve seen it around a lot but I could not help to blog it.  Then we have this skirt from Honey*Soul, when I went to grab the tanktop over at niniko I cammed out the street and there it was, just waiting for me. It’s actually a 3 in one skirt, because if you buy it, you get a longer dress version, this smaller skirt and a top.  So that is definitely worth it. I opted for the smaller skirt because it was the easiest way to wear it with Niniko’s tank top. Last but not the least, Barerose’s new bag. GAH, I meant to grab it some time ago but only now had a good reason to do so. I hope you like it ❤ Uma



Details :

Hair . ‘Zoe – almond (nuts pack)’ by Maitreya

Skin . ‘Miranda Glow juice NB skin’ by (Vivé9) (group gift)

Shirt . ‘Poppy (white)’ by Pink Outfitters

Top . ‘LooseTank (white)’ by NINIKO

Skirt . ‘Girl-POP’ by Honey*Soul

Shoes/Socks . ‘Button boots and prim socks (blue)’ by (Shiny Things)

Bag . ‘Crescent blue’ by ::: B@R :::

Listening to The Gossip . ‘Heavy Cross’

9 thoughts on “”You look so frail”

  1. titian macbeth says:

    This is a lovely look Uma. But last time I looked for the sculpty socks at Shiny Things I couldn’t find them :(( Can you help??

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    LOL, if I could have KyootiePadoodle as a last name, I certainly would prefer it to ‘chewlin’ 😉 lols. Abraaaa <33 your words always make me smile!! *i'll be your china dollz forever* 🙂 muah!

    Hii Titian, thank you so much!..The sculpty socks are right under the button boots add. They are supposed to be worn with the boots but they are sold separately and totally work with other shoes aswell. They're very worth it. Once you're in Shiny Things, walk over to the wall in front of you, it's to the right..next to some leather boots etc. 🙂 muah!!

  3. Mikiela Constantine says:

    I follow your blog for quite some time now, and i usually end up loving all your outfits Lol, which borught me to a question, i have been trying to find Vivé9 store and i cant, either they have moved, or the slur is incorrect, can you help me with that? Tks 🙂

  4. empirerecords says:

    I love the new releases from Maitreya and Vive9! Aren’t her skins totally flawless? I can never stop wearing mine… I think the simple tones of this whole ensemble are really cute, especially with that white blouse ❤

  5. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Hi Mikiela, sorry for the late reply. First of all thank you so much, I’m glad you do. ❤ Also, here's the slurl for the current Vivé9 store, http://slurl.com/secondlife/CALI%20to%20NYC/170/44/22 enjoy!! ^^

    Thank you empire, 😉 yes, I am a true fan of vivé9 skins, I really love how they look on me aswell..partial partial ehe! Happy you like the look, yes, I'm usually very colorful in some outfits, but I do prefer the simplicity of softer tones sometimes. ❤ xoxo

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