Chewing it like its bubblegum

Ok so yeah..



bubblegum crisis

Ok, what I wanted to do here was..wearing the same stuff, but in 3 very similar ways. yes, I do aknowledge it looks the same outfit at first sight, but thats the beauty of it. IT IS without being it. What did she just say?
Yeah. See you tomorrow muah. 😉

chewing it

. Left to right .

Hair . ‘Love Child (loud tones) by (Epoque) + ‘Fashion pop bow’ (valentines gift from Epoque)

Skin . ‘Bird skin – sundrops’ by (fd)

Shirt . ‘Roll up Open Shirt . check 003’ by AOHARU

Dress . ‘Collen dusty rose’ by [SC]

Pants . ‘Black leggings pants’ by **DP**Yumyum

Shoes . ‘Tarsier (colorc change)’ by *ordinary*

Bags (all 3 looks) . ‘Handbag diamond’ by Emery


Jacket .’Short Jeans Jacket black’ by AOHARU

Socks . ‘Pink Socks’ by +SPICA+

Shoes . ‘Jane shoes . flor jane light’ by Miel


Bikini . ‘Puma’ by K&CO

Shorts . ‘Johanna highwaisted shorts . black’ by Artilleri

Shoes . ‘St. Tropez . black’ (with toe+hud) by LeLutka (part of summer 09)

❤ Uma

8 thoughts on “Chewing it like its bubblegum

  1. Evie says:

    You still look amazing even when your pulling faces! lol!! So unfair. I look retarded when I do! Love the dress btw

  2. Froukje Hoorenbeek says:

    I have been searching for that dress all over Uma, cant find it. Can you tell a bit more?

  3. Froukje Hoorenbeek says:

    Surf Coutoure! You have any idea how much bad fashion you can find if you search for SC 😉

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    what what??? elka <33333 I was slightly annoyed by havint to write..and it shows Lol. Crabby me! muaaaaah!

    Aww thank you Evie, lol. ❤ I think the point of pulling faces is looking retarded, in a funny way, at least with avis. ehe. muah

    Hi Froukje, lol, I was about to tell you it was Surf Couture and the creator the amazing Emma Gilmour, but I guess you found it now, I’ll put both names next time. xoxo 🙂

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