LaGyo’s . ”Circus” collection

Hi 😀

So today I wanted to show you a little sneak preview of the soon to be released ‘Circus’ collection from Gyorgyna Larnia. From the moment we met and became friends I was happily surprised by her work and creations, I am a jewelry designer irl (for the ones who  don’t know that about me) so I’m extremely picky when it comes to jewelry pieces, both in sl and rl. I don’t wear them as much but I give extreme  importance to it and accessories in general. LaGyo’s Circus collection is beautiful and extremely well done! Each piece is eye-catching and I’m pretty sure, even for some of you who don’t wear as much jewelry, you will be surprised by this collection. I can’t point out my favorite pieces but I did went nuts over the ‘trapeze vertigo’ headpiece and the ‘Soubrette’ (beauty set) eye accessory and earrings. Here I show you 4 sets of some more you’ll be able to check at LaGyo later this week, the caroussel necklace and earrings is a must-see-in-person pieces, because the details are rather amazing and the Siamese twins necklace and Pierrot tears are to die for.  So these were my personal choices and I totally advise you to check  this collection as soon as it comes out.  Definitely something you won’t want to miss. ❤ Uma

LaGyo I

Caroussel earrings and necklace‘ – part of ‘Circus collection‘ by LaGyo

LaGyo II

Siamese twins necklace / black and Pierrot Tears‘ – part of ‘Circus collection‘ by LaGyo


Trapeze Vertigo headpiece‘ – part of ‘Circus collection‘ by LaGyo

LaGyo CIRCUS collection

Soubrette beauty set‘ – part of ‘Circus collection‘ by LaGyo


5 thoughts on “LaGyo’s . ”Circus” collection

  1. Tomoyo Breitman says:

    *chants* i want i want i want x1000
    All of the pieces seem really well done! The siamese twin necklace are my fave ❤

    Sidenote, we stalky ur bloggie alot lmao…
    [12:43] Anya Ohmai: uma oozes hotness XD
    [12:44] Tomoyo Breitman: ???
    [12:44] Newreem Waffle: ohhhh
    [12:44] Tomoyo Breitman: oohhh
    [12:44] Tomoyo Breitman: i see uma hotness
    [12:44] Newreem Waffle: i saw those pics


  2. GG Sideshow says:

    I hadn’t seen the “Pierrot tears” yet but i LOVE THEM!
    You wear everything so well, i too love everything Gyorgyna makes she’s such a sweetheart :D!

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Awww tomomo!! aha, you two. ❤
    Yes, these pieces are really 'hot' and really beautifully detailed. I love the siamese necklace, there's also a white version of it. *hugs you both*
    Yay, GG, thank you!!..The tears are indeed pretty, they're like little diamonds, a wonderful piece..and I agree with you 😉
    Emy!! Hai! ^^ I do see these as pieces of art, they're a good balance between a wearable jewelry and artistic piece. xoxo!!
    The headpiece is absolutely amazing Euni, you gotta check it when it comes out. xoxo ❤

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