LaGyo’s . ”Circus” collection

Hi ūüėÄ

So today I wanted to show you a little sneak preview of the soon to be released,¬† ‘Circus’ collection from Gyorgyna Larnia. From the moment we met and became friends I was happily surprised by her work and creations, I am a jewelry designer irl (for the ones who¬† don’t know that about me) so I’m extremely picky when it comes to jewelry pieces, both in sl and rl. I don’t wear them as much but I give extreme¬† importance to it and accessories in general. LaGyo’s Circus collection is beautiful and extremely well done! Each piece is eye-catching and I’m pretty sure, even for some of you who don’t wear as much jewelry, you will be surprised by this collection. I can’t point out my favorite pieces but I did went nuts over the ‘trapeze vertigo’ headpiece and the ‘Soubrette’ (beauty set) eye accessory and earrings. Here I show you 4 sets of some more you’ll be able to check at LaGyo later this week, the caroussel necklace and earrings is a must-see-in-person pieces, because the details are rather amazing and the Siamese twins necklace and Pierrot tears are to die for.¬† So these were my personal choices and I totally advise you to check¬† this collection as soon as it comes out.¬† Definitely something you won’t want to miss. ‚̧ Uma

LaGyo I

Caroussel earrings and necklace‘ – part of ‘Circus collection‘ by LaGyo

LaGyo II

Siamese twins necklace / black and Pierrot Tears‘ – part of ‘Circus collection‘ by LaGyo


Trapeze Vertigo headpiece‘ – part of ‘Circus collection‘ by LaGyo

LaGyo CIRCUS collection

Soubrette beauty set‘ – part of ‘Circus collection‘ by LaGyo

April’s glow!

As I was strolling around sl today (its past midnight so I guess it was ‘yesterday’) I decided to visit Laqroki, as I hadn’t been there in some time and wanted to check on some¬† skins. I was just standing there, struggling through lag and admiring each face when I saw Mallory Cowen putting up ‘April’ skin, her newest release. I was ‘patiently’ waiting for it to rezz when I noticed how beautiful it was. I rushed to try it and of course, I fell in love with it. As I was going through each make up I noticed it was mainly a redhead’s skin. Although I had been contemplating for a long time to get a suitable skin for my red hair tones I couldn’t go past the fact there was no other way to wear this skin besides going totally red. I mean, if we think about it, redheads in sl are as ‘rare’ as in rl, or at the very least, there aren’t as much as blondes or even brunettes. So, in a moment of pure impulsiveness I approached Mallory, knowing she was working and with no intention to bother her, I was rather quick and asked her if she would consider in the future to add some brown eyebrows to April. I had no expectations on her part, neither would I think to receive such a warm and quick response from her.¬† I have no idea if other people had approach her at the time but all I know is she later on added brown eyebrows to this amazing skin and I’m so happy I did open an Im with her and happier to know she took my advise/opinion in consideration. Later on and as soon as I logged I rushed to get the fatpack. So what does that leaves us amazing skin, with both red and brown eyebrows, 10 different make-ups, for only..1990 lindens. Hows that for an amazing deal?..Awesome, and even more so, taking in consideration customer service. I truly advise you to check her recent releases and especially ‘April’ wether you’re a redhead..or, not. ‚̧ Uma

april redhead

‘April’ . 08 [Milky] Glow skin by Laqroki

laqroki - APRIL

‘April’ . 01 [Milky] Glow Skin by Laqroki

Other :

Hair . ‘Thrownback / brown and red tones’ by (Epoque)

Lingerie¬† . ‘Merry widow – the very merry widow blush’ by Ingenue

No editing was made to skins besides added frame.