Old news

Hiya everyone 😉 Lately I’ve been going through my invo, checkin on ‘old’ clothes I have and..I had forgotten about this dress and this fur stole (from bijou)I have always loved. This dress was one of the very first dresses I fell in love with, back in the day. I had bought it in black, way before I actually met elka poo (heart and mind behind boing fromage).  At the same time I paired these together, I noticed I’ve also had these Usagui boots for a long time and I actually never blogged an outfit with them before. Shame on me! This is a look I really like, and its pretty simple but it just ..looks great. It’s fresh and simple and very..me. RL me lol. So I decided to share it with you, the colors just go extremely well together and I thought short hair would give it a little modern twist, I’m in love with [Curio] lately so..there. Muah!

❤ Uma



Details :

Hair – ‘Beach hair – blonde’ by [Curio]

Skin – ‘Belle light naturale NB skin’ by Vivé9

Earrings – ‘Hamptons earrings – sterling’ by M.fox for [LeLutka]

Fur stole – ‘furbolero [redfox]’ by Bijou

Dress – ‘folklore dress – doucer’ by !BF!

Boots – ‘fringe boots’ by :::Usagui:::

Bag – ‘DS bag brown’ by [ICoN]

9 thoughts on “Old news

  1. elka says:

    Oooohs, pretty pretty and smooooooth Uma, thank you so much for wearing my dress! This outfit feels so 1930s vintage :O But what about “back in the day”?!????!!! MAKING ME FEEL SO OLD, *dun wanna be a granny* XD lol </3 wah! Hahahaha. I seriously can say this dress, and in this particular color, is one of the only items I call "my pride" and it is an honor to see you in it, and I love what you paired it with! MUAAAHHHSS to you and your little big-earedpookiewookiiiiie :3

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Thank you Emy, 😉 not all ‘boys’ hair fits or suits me, but this one is absolutely adorable and it fit ‘like a glove’ or..in this case, like a wig XD muah!!

    Awww, elka-poo, you know when I said ‘back in the day’ I meant it in a good way. One of the first stores I really had the pleasure to find and be a fan of, was yours. This is a totally ‘vintage’ piece, for me! If you’re old I’M OLD..we can be grannies together, and train our pups to guide us. XD I’m happy you liked the look I wouldn’t add anything else, personal fav. ❤ MUAH!

    Thank you Chance 😉

    Eve, but of course. Not all summer nights are hot, especially in my country. The fur was a special touch and one could always wear this without the stole. 😉 it works !

    Clear, Hi! Yes, its the 'male' hair, but I think it's a great addition to our 'wig department'. I love short hairs and this one fits perfectly. Minor edits. 🙂

    If I had it..I'd wear it baba 😛

    Pluxie!!! 🙂 thank you, exactly how I feel it to be. I'm happy you likes ❤

  3. Jyla says:

    Oh man, I have been away from SL too long and now I realize, there are so many hairdos/clothes/skins I DON’T HAVE. This skin is scrumptious! Just really glowingly lovely. I am off to get it 😀

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