😉  …❤ Uma

counter point


Counterpoint (left to right)

Skin – ‘bird skin – heavy brow’ by (fd)

Hair – ‘The Fear  . black tones’ by (Epoque)

Shirt – ‘My check shirt . blue’ by (Milk Motion)

Tube top/pants (one) by >KGY</>KAGUYAHIME< (great find for 80L)

Socks – ‘mokomoko socks – argyle white’ by *UnTone Quilt*

Shoes – ‘sporty flats navy’ by [MG fashion]


Hair – ‘Throwback – blonde tones’ by (Epoque)

Jacket – ‘Main St. swing jacket – orange u gr8’ by [PO] . Pink Outfitters

Shirt – ‘BBT – ank 004’ by BEGGARS BANQUET

Jeans – ‘Skinny roll-up cuff jeans indigo’ by *Muism*

Shoes – ‘ant flats . brown derby’ by Miel


Hair – ‘shipping & handling – blonde tones’ by (Epoque)

Jacket – ‘Opened Trench , red’ by (P-K)

Top – ‘tunic white’ by *Kurotsubaki*

Pants – ‘i cropped pants blue’ by ! NU

Shoes – ‘Drunks’ by UBU

Cat (mouth) by *M* (arigatou Meru!! <3)

Listening to….THIS

13 thoughts on “Counterpoint

  1. Theodore Nacht says:

    Wow. You look fantastic as always, but that kitten-in-the-mouf is the cutest thing I’ve seen lately. Adooooorable.

  2. Brisa Gausman says:

    Lovely outfits as usuall.
    I think they run out of cats! can´t find that cute kitten at the store.
    Any idea where can i get it, please!!?
    Hugs *****

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Anyaaa..nuuuu, no nahming my kitty ok?..<333 *hugs you before she runs away*

    Aww, thank you tomomo!! ❤ I didn't know which I liked the most ehe!..AND AND, I'm not eating this kitty ..I'm just pretending I'm his mom. I'm a dog lover though.

    Thank you Eve!! ^^

    JJ 😉 ❤

    Bunny wants a kitty? That's cute. 😀

    Thank you Theodore!!! ^^ I feel the same, it's just too adorable. I have to thank a friend, Meru Lyle, cause she was the one showing me where to get it. ❤

    Lauryn !! ❤ tyy babes!

    ahah, Abra XD, they come in pairs..and..threesomes? *coughs* next post, I'll make it a single uma. 😉 muah

    Hiiii Brisa, the kitties are really in store. To the right, there's two more to choose from, here's the slurl for anyone who couldn't find the store :

    Aww Emy!! ^^ I love it too, it looks very vintage-y! 🙂 muah

  4. ipanemagirlbing says:

    p.s is more cute Sushi:D i love your rl dog Uma, i have a dog since 5 years and i love her more and more everyday her name is Mafalda and Mafalda send kisses to Sushi:)))<3<3<3

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