Hair Fair . Top 9 . #2

I know, seriously, I know I’ve been flooding the feed a bit with my posts, but, as I said on the previous post (round #1 of hair fair favorites), I’m going to keep doing a ‘HF favorite/must have hairs’ imo.  First, there’s a good well known cause we all should be supporting/embracing, 2nd a whole lotta designs putting their efforts and dedication and sweat to make us all prettyful and achieving it in way I wouldn’t think possible since last year.

So, again, round #2 of Uma’s favorite hairs and probably not the last. I am so happy to see such a big effort from designers to get in the ‘candyland’ theme, not only you see they worked hard to bring us some awesome fresh and unique hairs, they’ve put some effort on building their stores to match hair fair theme. It’s a sweet place to walk or fly over, filled with candy, and chocolates and lollipops all over. It warms my heart and my charity spirit. So come on over, as soon as you can.

And, on to my favorite hars, round #2 : ❤ Uma

tekuteku truth dernier cri

Left to right :

Asymmetry‘ (firebrick) by =TEKUTEKU= . ‘Romy‘ (chestnut) by >TRUTH< . ‘Michelle‘ (blondes) by Dernier Cri

clawtooth by clawtooth refuge head mistress

‘Goodbye Horses’ (uptown brown) by ‘Clawtooth by Clawtooht‘  . ‘Zoey‘ (medium brown) by Refuge .

‘Alica’ (mudbath) by ‘Head Mistress


Blunth‘ (beige) by Zobovic . ‘Dylan‘ (caramel) by Maitreya .

Glamorous wavey/fedora hat‘ (black/scripted) by Argrace


8 thoughts on “Hair Fair . Top 9 . #2

  1. zaii says:

    hi uma. ty for sharing this! it helps to know what hair fair has in store. may i please ask, where’d you get those tanks? ty in advance.

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Hai Zai, thank you! Glad you like it, these tanks are from artilleri. Bought them long ago but I think they’re still available in store. ^^

  3. Evie says:

    I went down to Hair Fair earlier, from what I could see that wasn’t gray, it looks amazing! Horrendous lag and so many people though. I’ll probably go down in a couple of days when it’l be quieter (hopefully)

    Those hairs are stunning 🙂

  4. Lourdes Galicia says:

    Uma – I cannot find “Head Mistress”…I’ve looked all over the Hair Fair for that station. What is it next to? The notecard says “Ingenue” and “Lamb” and the coorindate say 38, 184, 22 (but there is nothing there)… HELP! Thanks, Lourdes

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