*League* . New Mainstore . New Skin line

I swear, if this wasn’t something you *NEED* to know, I would’nt come back so quick. I’m sorry for another spam but trust me to be worth it. I’m not sure you’re familiar with Miss Nena Janus, but I’m pretty sure you’ve come across with her work and her store. *League* has been around for some time now, and I believe all of us own, something from that store. I couldn’t be happier when I was told by Nena herself that she is opening a new mainstore and taking her first steps on becoming a skinner!..and Omg, they’re gorgeous! The new skin line will be available tomorrow, on the new store and I couldn’t be more excited to show you a little sneak preview of them. Now, if you’re a darker skin tone fan you’ll probably fall in love with these. There’s 3 skintones to choose from : Medium, suntan and deeptan. After a long time debating which to show you and knowing I couldn’t show you all I’ve decided for  ‘Misty’ and ‘Kate’, in both medium and suntan tones. These have gorgeous features, I thought they would look rather mature on me but the end result is a fair in between  a very lustry cute face but not overly mature like. The make ups aren’t too over the top and quite natural aswell.

Now, ‘Kate’ has 14 make ups to choose from while ‘Misty’ has 12. On each single pack, and this is the fun part, you get 4 different skins, with and without hair, and 2 breasts variations. Single pack/make up is 1100 lindens BUT the whole fatpack is (in kate) 3900 lindens and (in Misty) 3400 lindens. Now talk about saving eh?  I am truly thankful Nena Janus shared these with me and excited to know she’s making skins, I’ve been a fan of *League* for some time now and couldn’t be happier to see/wear her new skins. I’ve kept the pictures rather simple and while I know we’re all excited for hair fair to begin, make sure you stop by *League* to check these out

❤ Uma

misty - medium

Skins : ‘Misty‘ (medium) ‘golden glow’/’glam’/twilight by *League*

misty - medium2

Skins : ‘Misty‘ (medium) ‘deep smoke’/’natural’/’greenglade’ by *League*

kate suntan

Skins : ‘Kate‘ (suntan) .  ‘bronzed pink’/’yinyang’/’original’ by *League*

*League* medium suntan deeptan

Skins : ‘Misty‘ (medium) ‘apricot glow’ . ‘Kate‘ (suntan) . ‘chocolate’ . ‘Misty‘ (deeptan) ‘golden glow’ by *League*

10 thoughts on “*League* . New Mainstore . New Skin line

  1. Kissy says:

    Oh damn! I love those Skins!! I’mma run for demos as sooooon as I can!
    Why must you look AMAZING in EVERY skin?!?!!

  2. ohmyohmai says:

    Umaaa you look like a tanned sexy brazilian model with this skin — this gives you an incredibly healthy glow I think 🙂 Loving the hair and skin post that you’re doing, letting us know of all this yummeh releases!

    I remember heading to fuel a while back thinking it’s such a pity there’s no updates on this store, so it’s great to see her working on some new stuff :D:D
    (I think my comments aren’t showing up O_O)

  3. Evie says:

    OMG your such a lucky cow Uma!! You look great in EVERYTHING you wear, plus your friends with all the amazing sl designers and get all the new stuff! Just not fair! Lol. Love the skins 😀

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Ohmai! ❤ lols, a tanned brazillian model? that pleases me. I don't have their..mm bottom, unfortunately XD
    OMG, hairs, I'm super overwhelmed with such awesome work from designers. I can't choose a favorite :O , so I'll do hopefully some posts with my favorite ones so far.
    Your comments are showing babes <3!! muahs!

    Ana, poo, not true. I was being honest Lol. I has weird faise. *smooches you* ❤ uuu!!

    Aww chance, thank you so much! ehe, marry this skin?..;) maybe! XD I definately fell for it. ^^

    Petitelittlegirl, thank you! Love your name btw 😉

    Evie?..lucky cow? wow, thanks?…mmm..yeah. I guess. :/

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