Hair Fair . Top 9 . #1

I feel totally overwhelmed with such kindness, from all the designers that spoiled me already with some of my favorite HF hairs.  So on the course of the next two days, I’ll do a list of my favorite hairs, that will be sold in hair fair. So instead of a top 10, I’m making a top 9, lol, since its more logical in terms of pictures 3 in each row. I will try and feature only my most favorite ones so far, though I’m trying not to do more than 1 hair from each designer, it proves difficult.

In this post, I’ll feature : [Curio], fashionably dead, !lamb, *Fuel*, Wasabi pills, .::MADdesign::., sWEET Hair by sWEET Faces and Miau Haus. Such an amazing job you guys, thank you so much.

So on to the pictures 😉 ❤ Uma

curio maddesign fuel

Left to right :

Post Ironic‘ (black) by Curio . ‘Vasean hair‘ (chocolate brown)’ by Miau Haus .  ‘Mimi‘ (caramel brown)’ by *Fuel*

maddesign fd and lamb

Chris casual‘ (copper f1 cpI)’ by MADesign . ‘Dorothy’s day‘ salt by (fd) . ‘Dog roses‘ (butterfinger) by !lamb

(all scripted)

curio wasabi pills sweet hair

beach hair‘ (auburn) by [Curio] . ‘Ailith hair‘ (jet black) by Wasabi Pills . ‘baroness v2 – colorR03′ by sweet hair sweet faces


5 thoughts on “Hair Fair . Top 9 . #1

  1. Evie says:

    i have the baroness one too, it’s amazing. have you seen it when your dancing, moves beautifully 🙂 where do you get the hair fair hairs from?

  2. jenna says:

    omggggggggggggggggggggggggg soo effin kewt I cannot wait for Hair Fair in a few HRS!!!!!!!!. So Lucky!!!

  3. Evie says:

    how does hair fair work? i’ve never been to one 😦 is it just loads of designers in one room sort of thing? lol.

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Hai Evie, do you check feed? Hair Fair is happening/opening this weekend, a whole sim, or sims in this case, (four of them) filled with all the hair designers you could possibly know, and some I didn’t, all together for a cause that we ALL should embrace !! It’s ending on 4th of july if I’m not mistaken xoxo

    jenna, woot woot, how awesome are these? My favorite ones, top 9, and now second round coming. I can't believe there's so many I actually love, and the effort and dedication put into these. Do check them out ❤ muahs!

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