One year !!!!

One year. A whole year has passed by since I started this blog. June 13th 2008 . June 13th 2009! There were times I suspected blogging wouldn’t last much, other times I thought I would slowly neglect it and eventually stop doing it. Then there were times I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep up with and get tired of blog or worse, YOU would! Surprisingly, I’m still here and I still have the same, unadultered feeling of excitement when I blog or when I put outfits together and share with you. There aren’t enough words to thank for all the support and feedback, from EVERYONE. I’ve seen some awesome bloggers go, and some other bloggers taking their first step on the fashion blogger’s comunity, some close friends and others turning into good friends aswell and turning into favorite bloggers,  I truly admire.  I’m surprised and happy I’m still here and celebrating ONE YEAR of blogging madness with you! Let’s see what the next year brings, one day at a time! 😉

Thank you, ❤ Uma!

one year


21 thoughts on “One year !!!!

  1. Tary Allen says:

    Congrats Uma 🙂 This is one of the coolest fashion blogs and you have an awsome style, very refreshing!

  2. Kiki says:

    Congrats Uma! You are truly an inspiration and you have a wonderful eye for fashion. I can’t wait to see what you bring us in the coming year xoxo

  3. Torrid says:

    Congratulations! Wow 1 year eh? I barely remember what I was doing when I hit the 1 year mark lol. SL is better for your presence I’ll say that. You always inspire me with your style and I hope you’ll keep it up for a long time to come <33.

  4. Elizabeth Dovgal says:

    And here’s to another year Uma!!! great work, my favourite blog, but damn girl, you make me spend too many lindens!! hehe 🙂 ❤

  5. Titian Macbeth says:

    A beautiful avatar, a refreshing sense of style and the courage to keep changing things up. I’m sure it sometimes feels like hard work but please stick around Uma. We LOVE you!

  6. Dahlindah Destiny says:

    What can I say? I constantly look to your blog for fresh ideas, new stores and different approaches to styling. Thankyou for influencing my RL and SL fashion. ❤

  7. Gyorgyna Larnia says:

    YAY!! We are so proud of you Uma!! And thanks for….making us spent all that money!! ahahaha ❤

  8. Lauryn Arado says:

    Uma Congratulations! I hope you continue this blog for a many more years, you’re always such a source of inspiration ❤

  9. Bebe Begonia says:

    Congratulations Uma ! You publish an excellent blog and you have a fabulous style – I really love everything you put together and look forward to reading you every day 😀 Thanks for sharing with us ❤

  10. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Thank you so much everyone, for the words and encouragement, I can’t believe I’m ‘celebrating’ one year of blogging, it feels like I joined and started it yesterday! A year is a long time if I look back. XD
    Your words are truly an inspiration and I hope I can improve, and still ‘surprise’ or please you with the looks I put together. It’s been an awesome fun, sometimes stressful ride, but I’m still enjoying every day of it.
    Thank you, sincerely ^^ ❤

  11. farahpalmer says:

    Congratulations Uma, ever since I discovered your blog I’m a huge fan and it’s definitaly a daily read – must have – for me, SL or RL… lol… ur my favorite fashion stylist… thank you for one year.. and let’s hope for more to come! xxx

  12. Elisabeth Villiers says:

    Congratulations Uma to one of my very favorite bloggers!! I remember how excited I was to discover your blog last August. It is always fun to see how you put things together. I love, love, love your style, creativity and your enthusiasm. Yay!!! Thanks for sharing your unique sense of fashion.

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