One year !!!!

One year. A whole year has passed by since I started this blog. June 13th 2008 . June 13th 2009! There were times I suspected blogging wouldn’t last much, other times I thought I would slowly neglect it and eventually stop doing it. Then there were times I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep up with and get tired of blog or worse, YOU would! Surprisingly, I’m still here and I still have the same, unadultered feeling of excitement when I blog or when I put outfits together and share with you. There aren’t enough words to thank for all the support and feedback, from EVERYONE. I’ve seen some awesome bloggers go, and some other bloggers taking their first step on the fashion blogger’s comunity, some close friends and others turning into good friends aswell and turning into favorite bloggers,  I truly admire.  I’m surprised and happy I’m still here and celebrating ONE YEAR of blogging madness with you! Let’s see what the next year brings, one day at a time! 😉

Thank you, ❤ Uma!

one year