Summer Breeze.

Yay, the rain is gone for the week (or so I hope) and we had a beautiful summer day today, it’s about time! I curse the rainy days though I love them in the winter when I can stay at home and I curse super hot summer days when I have to go out (and I don’t mean to the beach). Today was just right!..Having that in mind I decided to end this day and its feel, with this post. I like knowing sl has no ‘seasons’ really but I also love  dressing accordingly to rl weather sometimes  and is just nice to see the amount of colorful and fresh items around, like this, pailette bodysuit from *Fishy Strawberry*! Thank you Fae it came just in time because this is just how I felt like dressing. ❤ Love that it can totally work as a top with this skirt (which btw you can find at sera korea *a pack of 4* for 1L)! ❤ Uma


summer breeze

Details :

Hair – ‘River – brown’ by Kin

Skin – ‘Aoki – Light Fall skin’ by V9

Hair accessory – ‘hair stuff (kill the white swan) by (fd)

Sunglasses – ‘Delila sunglasses’ by -NALA- (totally scripted, these are just awesome)

Mouth – ‘bamboo leaf  (part of panda hoodie) by :::Last Ride:::

Top – ‘pailletes bodysuit gold’ by *Fishy Strawberry*

Skirt – ”gradation long skirt – orange’ by # Noir Lolita

Belt‘Coin belt – auburn (stomach)’ by Maitreya

Bag – ‘SACK bag/white’ by LeLutka

Bangle – ‘african days bangle’ by LaGyo

Sandals – ‘ethnic bijou sandals opal’ by AOHARU

6 thoughts on “Summer Breeze.

  1. Titian Macbeth says:

    lol Uma. I just finished my today’s post and dashed over here to see if anything new from you. Cannot believe we both blogged these sandals ahd hair in the same post!

  2. Abra Exonar says:

    Hey cool breeze! ;D Uma, you’re feets look so cute in the AOHARU shoes! I’m recently sold on the whole prim foot deal, so my eyes are WIDE with options-eee! I love everything about this look, but my favorite thing is the bamboo sprig! =D mouf food always gets me ^___^ <333Abra

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Aha, Titian, I just checked your blog, Lol. It happens, and I was glad to see your looks, you did your own thing, looks great!..xoxo!!

    Abraaaz, I’m with you, ‘recently’ sold on the prim foots, especially after kookie released her I can’t get over them, but really when it comes to opened shoes or sandals doesn’t it look just better this way? I think so 😉
    *chews on her bamboo and offers you another leaf* thank youu! ❤ Muahs!

    Hey Emy!!! aww thank you, I'm in a 'orange' mood, next will also have a bit of it. Glad you like the look ^^ xoxo

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