The dharma bun!

So I was wondering if I should wait for tomorrow to blog this, since my last post was a couple of hours ago and I’m pretty sure you’re sick of me already. However I couldn’t resist it. As time went by while I was in world and having nothing else to do than just dressing and undressing (add taking and adding prims to that) I though well, I’m just gonna take some pics. Once pictures were done I was too bored and came back to blog. XD I’ve missed making a more kawaii look, more attachments, including BUNNY EARS. I have to blame that on elka’s latest flickr post who rocks the bunny av like no one I’ve ever seen before and last, but not least, abra’s cute post here, who inspired me to go get those bunny ears! MUAHS! This is one of the few times my ‘post title’ has a meaning a.k.a association to something besides colors or ..a song I’m listening to atm. I was thinking of reading something while I suddenly remembered one of my favorite writters : Jack Kerouac, and one of my favorite books written by him called ‘Dharma Bums’.  For some (slightly evident) reason, the whole outfit seemed to match perfectly with it, therefore ‘the dharma BUN’.  On another note, how awesome is this scarf? Now..really! ❤ Uma


the dharma bun

Details :

Hair – ‘wild bunch dreads blonde’ by *Sari’s*

Skin – ‘BELLE light pre-released’ by V9 (join group/group gift)

Hat by Marie Lauridsen (Milk Motion) . soon to be released

Scarf – ‘shorditch scarf navy white’ by The Dogs (creator : JDDM Catteneo)

Jacket – ‘::coat::A-line:BLUE’ by S@BBiA

Skirt – ‘my leather fringes skirt black’ by (Milk Motion)

Gloves by Pididdle

Roller Skates by [BUKKA]

back pack – ‘Music Hall’ by .:MANNA:.

Ears – ‘Bunny ears’ by ~Scribble~

Bandaid (nose) and rabbit (hand) by Quest Jarrico

Bandaid (knee) by Reek