Milk Motion . Absolute Love!

It isn’t a surprise that I’m a Milk Motion addict/fan. Not news and at the risk of sounding partial, along with a few other designers, it is my opinion that Marie is in the top ’10’. If lately there’s a designer ‘setting trends’ or actually having  the skills/ideas to bring them onto sl and make an exquisit work, that person IS Marie Lauridsen. She is restless and her creations top notch. You could disagree but some of my favorite pieces, she made  them, and I keep wearing them on and off . If her last release,  ‘my admiral jacket’ made my chin drop this time I’m head over heels in love with ‘my belted jacket‘. Absolutely in love with this jacket and leggings. ❤ ❤ ❤ thank you so much for spoiling me Marie and thank you for keeping creating some of my favorite pieces ever ! ❤ Uma

milk motion

Milk Motion Love

Details :

Hair – ‘London Import (black tones)’ by Epoque (former VintageWear)

Hat – ‘rude boy hat’ by {Kari}

Skin – ‘Aoki – light dungeon skin’ by V9

Jacket – ‘My Belted Jacket’ by (Milk Motion)

Top – ‘Sequin tak dress undershirt layer’ by Polina Kaestner

Skirt – ‘(part of) Keiko Tunic – black’ by Armidi

Belt – ‘(part of) Natural White Lady’s shirt’ by *ARGRACE*

Leggings – ‘My cut-out leggings’ by (Milk Motion)

Sneakers – ‘Pornstar xtra hi-tops’ by UBU

Gloves – ‘full finger gloves – black’ by (DoMoCo)

Poses by {flowey} and Luth

6 thoughts on “Milk Motion . Absolute Love!

  1. Mo Miasma says:

    This is new leather jacket for me now, getting any shoulder jacket alla Grace Jones shows up any world… saw this made by someone else not yet released yet so i ll hush yay

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    ❤ jennie!!! It's another favorite!..YES YOU MUST! AHA, yeah I love hats, there aren't enough of them in sl, the only painful thing is editing hair to fit as it should without letting the hat look too big 😉 ❤ MUAHS!

    lols lizzya, I agree, they're awesomeee! ^^

    Mo, I'm glad to hear that though, it's good designers are giving in on prims and shoulder prims and these kind of jackets, in this case only adds to awesomeness! I know at least one releasing a similar one, if shoulder pads what you’re talking about… and I wonder who that designer is too? 😉 Anyways, the only difference is that Marie's shoulder details are just amazing. There's a 'sewed' glittery/sequins detail to this (in shoulder prims) I will find hard to top it. XD Indeed I agree with you its the 'new leather jacket' for me too !! ^^

  3. Isadora says:

    the jacket and leggings are super super
    awesome omg. omg omg omg. lol omg.
    i think milk motion is going to be my new
    favorite store everrrr. wonderful post uma ❤

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