Lintu Star, freebies and smersh awesomeness!

Ok, I seriously don’t know where to start here. As well all know, Onyx (from Maitreya) has released a couple of awesome jeans recently. Because I’m all about the baggy/loose lately I chose (as if I could resist) the boyfriend style jeans. They’re not overly baggy but they’re not the skinny type and of course, they are absolutely PERFECT.  I will not take these off for a while. At the same time, and while I was shopping I noticed Anya wearing ::SUGARCUBE‘s loose (string) tank top and because we can never have too many loose pieces, I couldn’t resist it either. Thank you Sayuri!!! ❤ and YAY for sculpts <3! Another awesooooooooome thing I was waiting for, was  Flopsie‘s (the skilled mind/hands behind SMERSH) new HICH CHIK BIKE! Again, another favorite thing in sl, rides. Especially when they’re as hot as this one! Damn! Get your own, it works as ao aswell so take it off and just go for a ride. <3!

Next, as you can notice I couldn’t add anything else to these pictures, but all you can see : closet, thermometer (in mouth) card box, cans and ashtray and awesome shorts are all part of Lintu Star sim opening gifts. All dollarbies, though shorts are freebie and the thermometer you pay 10L and get random (toothbrush or thermometer). There’s also other gifts such as, a garden hose or shirts, and there’s a men’s version for these awesome shorts (and girls can wear them too). Just look at those pockets!! So Kawaii! you will REALLY need to check the sim out, because it’s too cute! This totally made my day! ❤ Uma

lintu star freebies



Hair – ‘Icaro blue/black’ by *Fishy Strawberry* . Skin – ‘Aokie – Light purify skin’ by V9 . Headband – ‘am tulip headband/vino’ by Miel . Jacket – ‘Opened blazer/blue’ by Polina Kaestner . Pants – ‘Boyfriend Jeans #02’ by Maitreya . Top – ‘String tank top/baby pink’ by ::SUGARCUBE . Shoes – ‘jogging white/pink sneakers by [hoorenbeek] . Bike (and garbage can)  ‘the hich chick‘ by SMERSH . Closet / Wood Closet (freebie) by Garbage CollectionCans/cardbox and ashtray (freebie) by No.3 feathers in Lintu Star Sim!



Hair – ‘+*gl*+4+choco black’ (lucky chair gift) by Glitter Hair . Pipe – ‘bent apple usagi’ (old valentines gift) by Kurotsubaki . Top – ‘String tank (lavender)’ by ::SUGARCUBE . Shorts – ‘madras check pants orange’ by +KiiToS!!+ (not free but there’s the same ones in pink and men’s version for free in Lintu Star Sim) . Shoes – ‘ant flats – fedora’ by Miel . Watermelon by Kurotsubaki (old csr gift)

Poses by  [LAP] , TorridWear, and Esme Milena 😉

6 thoughts on “Lintu Star, freebies and smersh awesomeness!

  1. Evie says:

    * goes straight down to Lintu Star* Love the jeans, saw pics of them in their update notecard, they are so lush. I loved the second outfit, very summery and perfect for the beach 🙂

  2. Titian Macbeth says:

    hahahaha – sooo cool Uma! Do you think you should go out on the bikie with a high temperature sweetie??

  3. Betsy says:

    were close to west oaks, memorial city and town and country mall, secluded mountain bike trails along buffalo bayou, access to sam houston parkway, wemrheiset, i10 and highway 6.

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