I obviously don’t know what to name this post. I don’t even think it needs one. Words..simple. Colorful. Casually Chic?..mm. I thought this shirt would really go well with some colorful yellow shorts, since it’s warm and sunny outside, gave it some life and made it more fun. I am not into writting much today but thank you to BluAbyss Denimore, who sent me a couple of this skin. ‘Aoki’ is ‘her’ name, and the store is Vivé9, which you should check out. It has some really cute tanned skins aswell (and also shapes) I didn’t see Aoki there (or maybe I was blind), so I’m not sure it’s an old release or soon to be. Anyway, I loveeee ‘Aoki’s features, the pouty-ish lips and subtle eye make up, I as you know, am not a good skin reviewer (luls blame my poor english which I try not to sound as bad as it is) BUT what I do blog, I blog with (and because) I lovessss…! Although I have to point out one little thing, I know, and I speak for myself I don’t like ears much, lol, but in sl the details are rather important. For instance if we choose to wear an updo it’s important the ears look good. I hope blu, if you’re reading this consider on working a bit on the ears which make a huge difference on the hairs we wear. Hopefully and as usual it’s a work in progress! I still love it. Anyways, Hope you have a great weekend ❤ Uma



Details :

Hair – ‘DKX456 hair chocolate’ by *booN

Skin – ‘Aoki – light purify skin’ by V9/BluAbyss Denimore

Shirt – ‘Natural (white) lady’s’ (scripted scarf) by *ARGRACE*

Shorts – ‘short pants yellow’ by PARALLEL LOVE

Shoes – ‘Spangles Stiletto heel good’ by *COCO*

Listening to Lykke Li – Everybody but me

13 thoughts on “*tumtumtum*

  1. dollyewing says:

    Agree with Evie – the skin is soooo lovely :). Love that belt – where is it from – good wide waist belts are so hard to come by aren’t they?

  2. elka says:

    The hair does that, not the skin! It has prims on each sides of the faces that hides a part of it, I know because it’s doing it to me too XD Haha! Indeed a lovely skin tho, never enough of Devon’s face in SL, heck, I’d switch anytime in RL too hahaha :3 KISS KISS UMA Probably because of the neckerchief, but I feel like you are some type of sexy air hostess/stewardess (sorry don’t know how to say in english wah!) xxxxx

  3. elka says:

    ((And now I read the post and realize Aoki is the store owner’s name XD haha! Still related, you think? Either way looks nice *slaps forehead*))

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Thanks Evie!! ^^

    dolly, the belt is part of ARGRACE shirt, its also possible to just wear the belt itself and mixed it in other outfits, and I have to say its rather amazing in terms of details. I agree with you really hard to find (as) awesome belts ❤ Muahs!

    aahahha elka!!! ❤ I know right, the first thing that came to my mind was steward…girl? lol. I have no idea how to say it in english aswell. It's definately the damn neckbow. XD Also, it's true what you say, the hair is awesome but it does cut some portion of our face so it looks like this. The owner of store is actually BluAbyss Denimore, and the skin's name Aoki. Can I bug you a bit in world? MUAHS ❤

  5. Abra Exonar says:

    Umaaa you look adorable! Yay for (new to me) skin stores! And also Yay for good belts. Some things you just can’t get enough of! =D <333Abra

  6. ohmyohmai says:

    Oooo…. pretteh pretteh skin! I love how it makes you look kinda asian-y; I’ll head down and give that place a look! Your english is good okayz?! I heard you speak drunk and when you’re good drunk, you’re good sober 😉 *hugs* Umaa… you should give L’oring a look as well (If you haven’t O_O) , GG sent me a LM to drop by that skin store and it’s actually pretty promising. There’s 1 that might look really cute on your shape, although I forgot the name. Tell me if you need a LM ^^

    I dropped by Argrace the other day and I was squeeing at the fact that the belt is a prim that isn’t connected to any other stuff so we can wear it on it’s own! We need more pretteh belts in SL because skirts sometimes need their tops hidden hee. I love the look, elegant and classic ^^ *hugs* miss chu!

  7. titianred says:

    A really nice look for you Uma! I am loving the new Coco heels too and I’m curious about your pretty neck bow??

  8. titianred says:

    Oh duh – I just read it again – ARGRACE – thanks! *Goes to splash face with cold water to wake up* lol

  9. Uma Ceawlin says:

    LOls titian, XD its all in there. Belt is part of the shirt and also the neckbow XD which is scripted (color change) aaaah, you can’t wear it alone, unless…mmm unless we’d detach it but I haven’t tried that yet. 😉 You just made me giggle ty ❤

    Abra abra abralicious, so true about the belts. They're never enough. Skins however, I have a love/hate relationship with them, the more I find/love the more I think I lose some identity, however I absolutely love these and they're really yums. Do check it out *muahs*

    Ohmy *blush* I forgot you heard me voice drunkies, gah, which only makes me self conscious about my accent but at the time I simply don't care and the more I voice the more I want to 😉 thankieeeeeees btw, I really like it, I've always like asian-like skins this one really made me squeeeee wif happiness. Also, do-want-that-lm, please show me zee place next time I'm on. ❤ muahs and miss you too!!!

  10. Abra Exonar says:

    Umaaaaz, you really hit the nail on the head! Skin is such a huge part of identity in sl, irl too… try as I might (lol ;p) I end up switching it up frequently. Who knows when I’ll find The One, the… *dunn dunn dunn* mythical default skin!! Oh it’s out there, mmhmm Until then, I will sigh heavily while watching people have love affairs with theirs *le sighhh* its ok, I will just flirt ;)) and btw, under no circumstance will you loose your identity- even Some of it, nonono, it isn’t true…u couldn’t<3333Abra

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