Give me some Miel, add some Lemon.

I know I have been m.i.a, but the question is have you missed me? 😉 I’ve had some time to think about dressing today and Miel was again my choice, my inspiration. Everytime I see Miel and Mika release something new, and knowing how awesome each piece is, I cannot resist. You know that Miel, and thank you to both!! So I haven’t focused on too much mix and match but chose to focus on the new pieces and go rather simple. One thing I absolutely love are the ‘ant flats’, they were sent during blogger’s appreciation and I know I haven’t thanked designers enough or at all but know that I’m really thankful for all your hard work and the gifts you sent to us all. On another note and an extremely important one, some time over the last 2 weeks, some things were weirdly lost in my invo and yesterday, by accident I bumped into a folder from this really cute hair designer (I don’t know how it got lost but I’m so thankful I found it) owner of Lemon Pop. It’s a small store and honestly it was the first time I’ve heard about it, so thank you Lemonie for sending them my way and I’m sorry I’m such a air head, didn’t notice until now. I absolutely love all of the hairs AND..shame shame on me for not featuring them until now. For all of you who haven’t heard or checked Lemon pop, now’s the time to do so! Another big thank you to Gyorgyna, from LaGyo, who keep doing awesome awesome accessories and jewelry, love this headband and will for sure as I’ve done in the past, feature it in my looks. Muahs Muahs  ❤ Uma


miel with lemon


Details (left to right)

Hair – ‘Yasmine – pecan’ by *lp* (Lemon Pop) (<-tp here)

Dress – ‘Miel Hi Bar tank – coco’ (shirt and pants layer) by Miel (<-tp here)

Pants – ‘Hi Pants – coco’ (underpants layer) by Miel

Shoes – ‘Ant flats – merlot’ by Miel

Belt – ‘checkdressskirt belt’ by AOHARU

Bag – ‘Madrid leather weave bag – champagne’ by {creamshop}


Hair – ‘Tamsin – Pecan’ *lp* (Lemon Pop)

Top – ‘Hi Bar tanktop – charade’ (jacket layer) by Miel

Pants – ‘Hi Pants – cream’ by Miel

Belt – ‘I heart colors belt’ by Reek

Shoes – ‘Ant Flats – razzmatazz’ by Miel

Bag – ‘shopping bag (denim)’ by *Mon amie*

Bandaid – ‘hoppe8 bandaid pink (nose)’ by =TEKUTEKU=


Hair – ‘Brigitte I – pecan’ by *lp* (Lemon Pop)

Headband – ‘Famous Lady headband black’ by LaGyo

Top – ‘Hi Bar undertank – Kelp’ by Miel

Scarf – ‘Joanie scarf in beige’ by MichaMi

Pants – ‘Hi Pants – charcoal’ by Miel

Shoes – ‘Ant Flats – Muesli’ by Miel

Bag – ‘Bellissima 09 brown’ by ::B@R::

Listening to :: Sia – Breathe me


12 thoughts on “Give me some Miel, add some Lemon.

  1. Emy Aker says:

    Hahaha you absolutely bought all the colors XD amazin
    I love the sweet colors of your clothes. They r like you hihi
    xo xo. ❤

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Hiii and Thank you Serene 🙂

    Hi titian, he’s in the hospital :/…not so long story, but since yesterday he is there. I took him after noticing he was breathing slightly weird and fast and I’m relieved I did, because it really was something. I was hoping I was being paranoid, its something with his lungs, I’m silently waiting for news. I hope and wish and pray its nothing really serious. I got him a week ago and now this..I’m kinda down but..meh. I just have to wait. ❤

    Evie, theyre really cute. 🙂 check them out, there's 13 colors to choose from.

    Emy haii ❤ thankies!..ehe..:) muahs

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    ❤ lemon.

    Hi tatianna, the tattoo is from GoK. Garden of Ku. ^^ the first ones I purchased from there, they're really awesome 🙂

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