I obviously don’t know what to name this post. I don’t even think it needs one. Words..simple. Colorful. Casually Chic?..mm. I thought this shirt would really go well with some colorful yellow shorts, since it’s warm and sunny outside, gave it some life and made it more fun. I am not into writting much today but thank you to BluAbyss Denimore, who sent me a couple of this skin. ‘Aoki’ is ‘her’ name, and the store is Vivé9, which you should check out. It has some really cute tanned skins aswell (and also shapes) I didn’t see Aoki there (or maybe I was blind), so I’m not sure it’s an old release or soon to be. Anyway, I loveeee ‘Aoki’s features, the pouty-ish lips and subtle eye make up, I as you know, am not a good skin reviewer (luls blame my poor english which I try not to sound as bad as it is) BUT what I do blog, I blog with (and because) I lovessss…! Although I have to point out one little thing, I know, and I speak for myself I don’t like ears much, lol, but in sl the details are rather important. For instance if we choose to wear an updo it’s important the ears look good. I hope blu, if you’re reading this consider on working a bit on the ears which make a huge difference on the hairs we wear. Hopefully and as usual it’s a work in progress! I still love it. Anyways, Hope you have a great weekend ❤ Uma



Details :

Hair – ‘DKX456 hair chocolate’ by *booN

Skin – ‘Aoki – light purify skin’ by V9/BluAbyss Denimore

Shirt – ‘Natural (white) lady’s’ (scripted scarf) by *ARGRACE*

Shorts – ‘short pants yellow’ by PARALLEL LOVE

Shoes – ‘Spangles Stiletto heel good’ by *COCO*

Listening to Lykke Li – Everybody but me

Give me some Miel, add some Lemon.

I know I have been m.i.a, but the question is have you missed me? 😉 I’ve had some time to think about dressing today and Miel was again my choice, my inspiration. Everytime I see Miel and Mika release something new, and knowing how awesome each piece is, I cannot resist. You know that Miel, and thank you to both!! So I haven’t focused on too much mix and match but chose to focus on the new pieces and go rather simple. One thing I absolutely love are the ‘ant flats’, they were sent during blogger’s appreciation and I know I haven’t thanked designers enough or at all but know that I’m really thankful for all your hard work and the gifts you sent to us all. On another note and an extremely important one, some time over the last 2 weeks, some things were weirdly lost in my invo and yesterday, by accident I bumped into a folder from this really cute hair designer (I don’t know how it got lost but I’m so thankful I found it) owner of Lemon Pop. It’s a small store and honestly it was the first time I’ve heard about it, so thank you Lemonie for sending them my way and I’m sorry I’m such a air head, didn’t notice until now. I absolutely love all of the hairs AND..shame shame on me for not featuring them until now. For all of you who haven’t heard or checked Lemon pop, now’s the time to do so! Another big thank you to Gyorgyna, from LaGyo, who keep doing awesome awesome accessories and jewelry, love this headband and will for sure as I’ve done in the past, feature it in my looks. Muahs Muahs  ❤ Uma


miel with lemon


Details (left to right)

Hair – ‘Yasmine – pecan’ by *lp* (Lemon Pop) (<-tp here)

Dress – ‘Miel Hi Bar tank – coco’ (shirt and pants layer) by Miel (<-tp here)

Pants – ‘Hi Pants – coco’ (underpants layer) by Miel

Shoes – ‘Ant flats – merlot’ by Miel

Belt – ‘checkdressskirt belt’ by AOHARU

Bag – ‘Madrid leather weave bag – champagne’ by {creamshop}


Hair – ‘Tamsin – Pecan’ *lp* (Lemon Pop)

Top – ‘Hi Bar tanktop – charade’ (jacket layer) by Miel

Pants – ‘Hi Pants – cream’ by Miel

Belt – ‘I heart colors belt’ by Reek

Shoes – ‘Ant Flats – razzmatazz’ by Miel

Bag – ‘shopping bag (denim)’ by *Mon amie*

Bandaid – ‘hoppe8 bandaid pink (nose)’ by =TEKUTEKU=


Hair – ‘Brigitte I – pecan’ by *lp* (Lemon Pop)

Headband – ‘Famous Lady headband black’ by LaGyo

Top – ‘Hi Bar undertank – Kelp’ by Miel

Scarf – ‘Joanie scarf in beige’ by MichaMi

Pants – ‘Hi Pants – charcoal’ by Miel

Shoes – ‘Ant Flats – Muesli’ by Miel

Bag – ‘Bellissima 09 brown’ by ::B@R::

Listening to :: Sia – Breathe me