Second Style Magazine – next issue . out soon

Haiiii everyone! OMG, I haven’t blogged in exactly 4 days and I’m feeling so out. I haven’t even logged in, apart from a few minutes saturday and yesterday. Not enough to even dress myself that’s for sure. I have an awesome reason though and good news. First the reason why I haven’t logged, MY PUPPY’S HOME (on april 22nd   I flickred him and last friday I went to get him). I haven’t been able to sleep let alone be on the computer, but I’m SOOOO happy.  I’ll update flickr soon with pictures of him. He’s sleeping as ‘we speak’. Now, for the reason I’m here. A few weeks ago I was invited by Iris Seale to participate in the issue to come of Second Style Magazine. It was a challenging and fun (sometimes stressing) experience. I did the styling and modelling, however I asked a friend of mine to join me in this experience and take/edit pictures. I can honestly say, in my opinion, together we (or he) did Magic. It wouldn’t be as unbelievable if he wasn’t part of it and accept to work with me. Big thank you Asami. ❤ So, as the issue its almost ready to come out (later this week most likely) I’ve decided to show you a little sneak preview of just some looks of my bridal editorial. Of course these sizes don’t do justice to how awesome it will look, So, Keep an eye out for Second Style’s next issue and I hope you’ll like it. ❤ Uma




For Second Style Magazine (soon)

Styling/Modelling . Uma Ceawlin

Photographer . Asami Schnyder

Credits featured in magazine.

15 thoughts on “Second Style Magazine – next issue . out soon

  1. Abra Exonar says:

    hello miss adorable!!! love all the gorgeous dresses! the zaara one is still a favorite of mine and you wore it really well. and the editing is perfection <33Abra

  2. Tomoyo Breitman says:

    I have been wow-ing in world and am gonna wow here again ^^ Can’t wait for the magazine to be released too. *Hugs* You did an awesome job!
    ❤ the 2nd picture alot too!

    Tell us puppy stories soon? hehez… ❤

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Awww thank you so much everyone!! I’m sorry I haven’t noticed this before (therefore not commented) and I’m really *wowy* for all your comments and words. I had too much fun doing this for Second Style, I only have to thank Iris for challenging me to do it. It was stressful but after a little while I was on a roll. There will be, mmm 8/9 looks in mag, this was supposed to be ‘alternative bridal’ editorial but I think anyone who would like to be a little creative or even wear it not as a bride’s dress will definately like it. Or so I hope 😉 The outfits wouldn’t look as awesome if it wasn’t for my good friend Asami taking the pictures. His skills are rather amazing and my chin dropped when I saw the finished result. Hope you check it out, I’ll update when it’s out. I’m happy you liked, <333 you and thank you for your feedback MUAHS!

  4. ppi claim says:

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