Orchid delight

I’ve always been a fan, though from afar, of Miko Omegamu‘s creations (the heart and creative mind behind *ICING*). They’re always very delicate, romantic, vintage inspired, and ever so classy. I’ve had the honor to receive Miko’s latest creation and for the first time, I finally found a way to deconstruct it (though successfully I hope) and make my interpretation of how we can wear this absolutely amazing dress. Thank you so much miko! You can see the amount of dedication and thought behind it no doubt. From the off shoulder sleeves and vines delicately adorning the bodice to the amazing orchid  corsage covering part of the top up to the sleeve. Perfection! One can wear the dress in all its glory, or choose to mix and match with other pieces. I’ve opted for 3 looks. The complete look with the ‘orchid delight‘ dress, one more ‘dressed down’ with the top and a flower (color) matching skirt (part of ‘keiko tunic’) and the last one with Maitreya High waisted skirt – all with the same colors as common bond. I personally like them all and it’s just another way to show you how we can have an outfit and turn it into more than one. ❤ Uma



Details . left to right

Hair – ‘London Import – black tones’ by (former VW)/Epoque

Skin – ‘Lyla’ by Redgrave

Dress – ‘Orchid Delight’ by *ICING*

Leggings – ‘Leggings grayscale -3’ by LeLutka

Shoes – ‘ChiChi Pumps – black’ by Maitreya

Bag – ‘rock clutch in black’ by +plus


Top – (part of) ‘Orchid Delight’ by *ICING*

Skirt – (part of) ‘Keiko Tunic – palatinate purple’  by Armidi


Top – (part of) ‘Orchid Delight’ by *ICING*

Skirt – ‘highskirt – rosebud’ (belt attached to stomach or pelvis) by Maitreya

Shoes – ‘Slingy stilletos – black’ by Maitreya

Poses by Luth and {flowey}

P.s. Ironically (or not) orchids are my favorite flowers, what’s yours?

9 thoughts on “Orchid delight

  1. ohmyohmai says:

    Gosh… your quiet time helps in inspiration! My favorite flowers… I haven’t really thought of that really, I’m not a big flower person but so far I love anything white. Lilies… daisies — those are my favorite cause of their white purity and the way they don’t call for too much attention ^^

    I never thought you’d love orchids though! That’s the national flower of Singapore ^^ My dad use to grow tons of em to mix breeds… apparently to get certain special colors of an orchid, you gotta mix them from several other orchids O_O plant genes. I’m not 100% sure of it though hee…

    BUT! Love the look! 3 different elegant way to wear an orchid dress 😉 very nice! *hugs*

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    aerianna, Haiiii lol! *rubs cheeks* XD thank you so much!! ❤

    ohmy, lmao! I just laughed out loud, I think both of us were checkin each other’s blog at the same time. If not, it was a nice coincidence because this time I made sure to log in wordpress before I’d coment on yours (I really had to and didn’t want it to disappear this time) and as I was logging out I checked mine and saw your words. <333
    Yes, I'M AN ORCHID GIRL! Orchids have been my all time favorite flowers, and I do know they have to mix breeds in order to get different colors but I'm not a flower expert aswell. I also had NO IDEA it was singapore's national flower! I wonder if my country has one?…I'm also with you about the white color. ❤
    *hugs you* Happy you like the looks, I fell in love with this dress as soon as I've put it on, the attention on details is rather amazing. From the flowers to the bodice details..that's why I tried to put together/pull off 3 'slightly' different looks. It goes well in a million different ways with a million different things. Muahs!!!

  3. ohmyohmai says:

    teeeheee~~ I think we were cause I was checking out your “pink, green, orange and love” post for the longest time running around stores I’ve never seen or heard before!! I smooshes you with love! I checked out your nation’s flower and apparently the national flower of Portugal is Lavender! Naise! A land of calm, peace and relaxation 😉 hehe…

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    ahaha, is it lavender? Really..I had no idea. Love the color, not too sure about the flower. mmm, http://bigsislilsis.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/lavender.jpg I want! A whole field of them lol. ❤

    Thank you GG!!! ^^ Happy you like!

    Nil! ❤ awww, daisies, I have a lot of them in my garden, they're beautiful, simple (in the best of ways) cheery and understated. Make me smile, I used to take out each petal and go 'love me love me not' when I was a kid. XD

  5. nilgiha says:

    thats why ı love them..they have got that simple beauty..hmm..this gave me an idea to post \o/ 😀 and we all did that “love me love me not” thing and ı sumtimes cheated 😉
    hug you ❤

  6. Tomoyo Breitman says:

    Dearest Chewlin XD,
    *hugs* Flowers totally make me melt and this outfit is adorable! You did amazing things with a simple dress. The bodice of the dress is amazing. Totally love those details. I totally love what you did. Meh I cant choose a favourite flower hahaz. But what you guys mentioned above, the orchids, lavenders and daisies are some of my favourites! Scents on the other hand, lavender is one of my favourite! hehez. Oh i never did do the love me love me not thing LOLX. There not much flowers in my house for me to attack!

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