Mind Vs Heart

This outfit makes me smile, it all came together pretty surprisingly fast. Not that its too complicated, but, some time ago I found *Sari’s* dreadlocks and as soon as I saw Aoharu‘s new dresses I knew one couldn’t go without the other.  So I combined the two, for a more hippie-summer-earthy-ethnic-whatever you want to name the look. I’ve edited the dress a bit, made it shorter, losing the chest prim aswell. I thought ‘less is more’ this time. I love the silky feel to it and the flower/spring-like rich texture.  I wanted it shorter, more casual, so I could wear Milk Motion‘s pocahonta’s sandals. Love them and shame on me for not featuring them until now. The accessories just accentuate the concept/specific look I wanted to do here. Henna tats from *Sari’s* aswell, Shiny Things ruma’ necklace…and a little bit of yesterday’s look which goes perfectly well with this top, the orchid corsage. I love this look. Hope you do too ❤ Uma



Hair – ‘Wild Bunch Dreads – blonde’ by *Sari’s*

Dress – ‘Floral maxi dress – brown’ by AOHARU

Shoes – ‘My Pocahontas sandals – high’ by (Milk Motion)

Accessories .

Necklace – ‘ruma necklace – gold’ by Shiny Things

Corsage – (part of) ‘Orchid Delight . corsage.’ by *ICING*

Tattoo – ‘Lacey Days henna hands . brown’ by *Sari’s*

Bindi – ‘Bindi 12’ by *Sari’s*

Listening to Nneka – MIND VS HEART

6 thoughts on “Mind Vs Heart

  1. titianred says:

    Makes me wann go run ’round in a meadow catching butterflies. ❤ ❤
    PS – keep working those orchids!

  2. Gyorgyna Larnia says:

    Oh Uma, those dresses are so “in season”!! ❤ the way u mod it…ur skin, simply beautiful as always ^_^

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