Mind Vs Heart

This outfit makes me smile, it all came together pretty surprisingly fast. Not that its too complicated, but, some time ago I found *Sari’s* dreadlocks and as soon as I saw Aoharu‘s new dresses I knew one couldn’t go without the other.  So I combined the two, for a more hippie-summer-earthy-ethnic-whatever you want to name the look. I’ve edited the dress a bit, made it shorter, losing the chest prim aswell. I thought ‘less is more’ this time. I love the silky feel to it and the flower/spring-like rich texture.  I wanted it shorter, more casual, so I could wear Milk Motion‘s pocahonta’s sandals. Love them and shame on me for not featuring them until now. The accessories just accentuate the concept/specific look I wanted to do here. Henna tats from *Sari’s* aswell, Shiny Things ruma’ necklace…and a little bit of yesterday’s look which goes perfectly well with this top, the orchid corsage. I love this look. Hope you do too ❤ Uma



Hair – ‘Wild Bunch Dreads – blonde’ by *Sari’s*

Dress – ‘Floral maxi dress – brown’ by AOHARU

Shoes – ‘My Pocahontas sandals – high’ by (Milk Motion)

Accessories .

Necklace – ‘ruma necklace – gold’ by Shiny Things

Corsage – (part of) ‘Orchid Delight . corsage.’ by *ICING*

Tattoo – ‘Lacey Days henna hands . brown’ by *Sari’s*

Bindi – ‘Bindi 12’ by *Sari’s*

Listening to Nneka – MIND VS HEART

Orchid delight

I’ve always been a fan, though from afar, of Miko Omegamu‘s creations (the heart and creative mind behind *ICING*). They’re always very delicate, romantic, vintage inspired, and ever so classy. I’ve had the honor to receive Miko’s latest creation and for the first time, I finally found a way to deconstruct it (though successfully I hope) and make my interpretation of how we can wear this absolutely amazing dress. Thank you so much miko! You can see the amount of dedication and thought behind it no doubt. From the off shoulder sleeves and vines delicately adorning the bodice to the amazing orchid  corsage covering part of the top up to the sleeve. Perfection! One can wear the dress in all its glory, or choose to mix and match with other pieces. I’ve opted for 3 looks. The complete look with the ‘orchid delight‘ dress, one more ‘dressed down’ with the top and a flower (color) matching skirt (part of ‘keiko tunic’) and the last one with Maitreya High waisted skirt – all with the same colors as common bond. I personally like them all and it’s just another way to show you how we can have an outfit and turn it into more than one. ❤ Uma



Details . left to right

Hair – ‘London Import – black tones’ by (former VW)/Epoque

Skin – ‘Lyla’ by Redgrave

Dress – ‘Orchid Delight’ by *ICING*

Leggings – ‘Leggings grayscale -3’ by LeLutka

Shoes – ‘ChiChi Pumps – black’ by Maitreya

Bag – ‘rock clutch in black’ by +plus


Top – (part of) ‘Orchid Delight’ by *ICING*

Skirt – (part of) ‘Keiko Tunic – palatinate purple’  by Armidi


Top – (part of) ‘Orchid Delight’ by *ICING*

Skirt – ‘highskirt – rosebud’ (belt attached to stomach or pelvis) by Maitreya

Shoes – ‘Slingy stilletos – black’ by Maitreya

Poses by Luth and {flowey}

P.s. Ironically (or not) orchids are my favorite flowers, what’s yours?