Hey. I’ve been feeling a little grumpy/tired/mad since saturday. Haven’t logged since then and I’m slightly sick of everyone LOL. </3  This last week I’ve witnessed a lot of things I didn’t like to…well meh, it doesn’t matter anymore. Needed an sl break, I’m not back, lol, 100% at least but I’ve logged for a few minutes today and wanted to put together a look, based on old stuff. How many of us have had this or that piece in inventory since forever and noticed we never worn it again? It happens to me a lot, so I wanted to revive one of Paper Couture’s (last line) dress. Basically the top of ‘magpie’ dress (which I’ve only worn once) and ty zvezda skirt. The fading on both pieces worked amazingly/perfectly in my opinion. So with or without accessories (head dress or neck piece) it’s a fresh, girly look that I absolutely love. The flats were 10 lindens, [Tou Fromc*] is the name of store and there’s more cute flats, but these you can get by paying 10lindens, (random gift giver) but/and you never know what you can get. Wish me good luck, hope I’m feeling betterz tomorrow. ❤ Uma


Details :

Hair – ‘natural layer – choco’ by *mikan

Skin – ‘Petal frex [light] April-Pure 3’ by Curio/Gala Phoenix

Hair accessory – ‘head dress / G’ by Picnic

Neck Piece – ‘+jP Petal Scarf’ by JapanCakes

Top – ‘magpie bodice’ by Paper Couture

Skirt – ‘high mini skirt – D. Autumn Fading (green)’ by T.Z.

Tights – ‘crochet tights antique blue’ by !Doux Petit Dahl

Shoes – ‘extra uw17 shoes’ by [Tou Fromc*]

Poses by *V* .  Torrid .  {flowey}

17 thoughts on “Revival.

  1. Aristoteles Allen says:

    I fell in love with the tights and the hair accesory. Very well done. I love it.

  2. Tomoyo Breitman says:

    *Hugs x 100000* Hope you feel better soon! SL can be really sickening sometimes with lots of bo liao aka nothing better to do people around XD.

    Yay you got the april skin. You look super cute in it! *squeeze* I love how you combine the shirt and skirt and there is such a smooth transition between the shirt and skirt. Muacks you look absolutely fabulous! Lurvee it… 😀

    Tomorrow will be a totally better day! See ya soon? *muacks* ❤

  3. Jocelyn Anatine says:

    dont you ever dare to do that again ;] i loved this look and im dying because most of those things is not available now… T.Z. for example reopens in june, my search tool sucks when it comes to [Tou Fromc*]… ah.

    hope youll get better soon 🙂

  4. ohmyohmai says:

    I’ve been feeling an awkward sense of uninspiredness as well *hugs* I hope you get out of this one soonish ^^ Lurve the look, I think it says everything about your personal style… your elegance at times reflected in the pleating of the bodice, your girliness reflected in the shape of the skirt and your adorable quirkiness in the shoes ^^

    I love the mix of all different brands but yet it all ties in well with the colors you picked *hugs* I missh uuu… ~~~

  5. Elisabeth Villiers says:

    Well….I know what you mean about being uninspired and sort of “put out” with things. Hope you get back into the groove soon. At least you look fantastic…. as you always do. Love the look and that skin on you!!!

    Ciao, 🙂

  6. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Thank you Aris ^^ I’ve had both for a long time, and it was time to clean the dust and finally wear it again. I’m happy you’re here, ehe. xo

    *hugs Tomo* aha, yay! April was hiding in a messy pile..but stupidly enough haven’t worn in a post yet, oh besides one..some time ago, anyways, the poutyness of lips totally suited my mood lately so I’ve chosen it. ❤ So happy you like the look and, Yes, another day, tomorrow…hopefully in a better mood 😉 muahs! luff u

    Thank you Evie and Serene ^^ ❤

    Cajsa, so true. That's exactly how I've been feeling, so rl sounds more suiting, less nuts. Lol, the barometer, hope thats it and goes up real soon. Anyways, thank you vm!! ❤

    Abraaaa! *squeezes* thank you dear-ling XD I just made that up, ehh, ❤ Happy you like it…and double thankies for making me smile ❤

    Jocelyyyyn! I think everythings still available. I noticed ty was re-opening in june but I'm not sure the store is gone. I think it's still 'there' with the old items. Paper Couture's last line, if I'm not mistaken is still available at the store, in a different level..if not, its surely on xstreet. The head dress is from picnic, shiroyagi writer or is it writter? is the creator so you can find it in any of his picks aswell as japancakes flower (though that I'm not totally sure of). The flats store, is in uw17, where cube sugar and *mikan is. I'd give you a slurl but I'm not in world now. Will update this soon muahs.

    *hugs Anya tight* Poo, it's not even about feeling uninspired, its just sl in general. So if I don't log, I can't think of clothes..but I think it's just a temporary thing I hope…and your words ❤ Have I told you, how I wish I could express myself as good as you do? lol. Sucks that my english (though I've been told is fairly ok) being second language has, some (big) limitations. Ack, but you just made me giggle. If I wanted to describe myself (through clothes nonetheless) that's exactly how I would. ❤ I'm so happy you understand the inner/subconscious reasons of the pieces I put together. YOU Stop it now!..:P I miss you toooo ❤

    Elisabeth haii! Yeah its ..I guess it's everything. I hope I get back into the 'groove soon' aswell, if there's anything I'm still in the mood for though, is blogging/dressing. I guess I'm just in a more introspective mood, the kind where you just want to be by yourself etc. I'm glad you like the look, as tomo said it's a 'smooth transition between the shirt and skirt' and the colors that make the look. I wanted to come back to one of my favorite things to do, which is pick old pieces I've had since forever and recycle/revive, into a totally different look. Thank you!!

  7. elka says:

    love u miss u cheeka pow woo
    (that rhymes, say it OUT LOUD)
    i am not back either minus the fact that my computer was broken and now repaired so i might wanna come in just becauuuuse lol, but you know, i feel you ❤ xxxxxxx

  8. Pied de poule says:

    Sweet, sweet Uma… sooner or later we all have these phases where nothing seems to be going our way.
    I had the mother of all fowl moods a few weeks ago; with SL losing its magical appeal a bit and RL just being… you know…. RL ( with crazy workload, bad weather, total lack of fun…)
    So I was at the train station on my way to work one morning when this happened: . (I’m somewhere in the crowd, next to the staircase)

    I keep smiling every time I think back at it and hope it does the same with you…


  9. Sevenstar says:

    Uma, we all have to go through diffrent stuff in SL, good and bad. I am also shocked how many shallow characters are drawn by the fashion biz and how people behave under the coverage of an avatar. from time to time its good to withdraw and rethink things, to sort things…you will be fine again.

    Its a great idea to put together putfits from “old Stuff”, we should do that more often, as there are so many forgotten treassures

    be well! 🙂

    hugs 7*

  10. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Thank you boobii ❤ !!

    elka-chan! XD ❤ miss you tooo!..I'm sorry to hear about the computerz, and I'm happy its all better now. I know I've had the 'same' problem a couple of months ago and almost drove me nuts. luff yoooou

    Wow, Pied! Thank you so much for sharing that with me, totally made me smile aswell *goose bumps* and how 'crazy' is that? I wish I was there aswell. *hugs back*

    Seven, so true. I know it happens to everyone, I guess I just get disappointed with a lot of things, it affects me. It should'nt. The problem is I take things seriously and sometimes I shouldn't even care about what's not important. I hate engaging in drama and sometimes it's..impossible?..However thats when we withdraw, step back, rethink as you said. I guess I'm just in a more introspective phase and a less social one. ❤ Blogging is the only think I take pleasure and joy out of sl lately and that's what I'll focus from now on. ❤ thank you!

    Yay Emy, thank you, glad you like it babes. xoxo

    Petitelittlegirl, me likes your name, *hugs you back*

    Guys you just made my day (since yesterday) way better. Thank you so much, godzz, if there's a reason I still *heart* sl is for the people that are worth it. Have no words for how you made me feel now…poo, enough with these *down* feelings. Thank you so much for your words. ❤

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