Military+Denim = Win!

Haiiiii!!  I didn’t resist coming back to show you another sneak preview of what Miss Polina Kaestner is up to. This will be part of a whole denim line she’s preparing to release (there’s not a scheduled day yet) and absolutely irresistible. Full hand drawn, I’m really happy to see Polina give in to drawing and the results are clear to see. Awesome! Can’t wait to see the rest of the line! muahs muahs ❤ Uma

polina military jacket


Details :

Hair – ‘Pushed and Shoved (blonde tones)’ by (VW)

Skin – ‘climax/tone 1-makeup 6’ by Pulse

Jacket – ‘Denim Military Jacket’ by P-K

Top – ‘Driftwood tank top – white’ by Surf Couture

Pants – ‘denim white wash capris’ by [VG]  (store no longer opened)

Shoes – ‘barcelona slingback – prussian blue’ by Armidi

20 thoughts on “Military+Denim = Win!

  1. Tomoyo Breitman says:

    /me so wanna steal that jacket from your invo. I want it x 10000
    Its awesomeness and the hand drawn details gave the whole jacket a different feel. I so wanna snuggle that jacket and sleep in it XD.

    The skin look awesome on you. And those lips are totally juicy! Though..
    Uma = mama in this more mature skin LOLX. JK! XD You look great and still yummy hehez.

  2. dollyewing says:

    That jacket is totally awesome (can’t wait until it’s out) and I love the bleached out look you’ve put together for it. Properly lovely!

  3. Abra Exonar says:

    ohhh Uma, you really know how to tempt a girl. This jacket is fantastic, and you rocked it! omgahhh 10,000 new looks are going through my head right now, you know!! This is CREAM! <33Abra

  4. marni grut says:

    i didn’t think it looked hand drawn but its a nice peice with a balmain esk feel to it.

    Look forward to the rest of the line


  5. Dahlindah Destiny says:


    I believe it is hand drawn.
    The colours and muted and blended smoothly.
    She’s probably drawn it, or used a watercolour medium, then uploaded into photoshop.

    Also, the the jacket in the image, the Balmain jacket, have 15 details on the front.
    The picture has 12.
    And, these details have a muted, hazy look. Because watercolours and pencil work and blurred the lines.

    Also, the colours in the collar peaks are totally different. The shading and shadowing from the photograph is by far different.
    The cross hatching on the torso, to create depth is also a give-away at a hand drawn, or edited image.

    Look at the had drawn, crooked stitching on thw arms and collar. Hand drawn.

    Yes, they are similar.
    But i really think it is drawn.

    It’s great, and I like it.
    I’ll be buying it

  6. Uma Ceawlin says:

    …but wtf?!…what’s *the* problem? Wait. Being a Balmain jacket. OH, yes! Thats a sin!!!..A ‘faux pas?’ As if no one else, ‘so called’ designer or not, has ever, EVER done or reproduced or was inspired by a rl designer/design.
    I apologize. That has never happened.

  7. marni grut says:

    I didn’t mean it in a nasty way. I don’t mind when people reproduced stuff lets face it the RL high streets stores are taking apart high end garments as we speak and copying them. But i DO think you should be upfront about it. Idk i’m not saying specifically for this jacket or Polina i think ALL sl designers should be quoting there sources if the idea is taken directly from something. Inspired and reproduced are two different things.

  8. isadoraaa says:

    i agree.
    there is no problem in saying it was
    inspired by a high fashion line!

    anyways, I LOVE IT POLINA. i love the
    whole military chicness to it! well done!
    when does it come out? :]

  9. Uma Ceawlin says:

    I agree that designers should/could state/quote sources. Either If its a reproduction or inspiration.Ultimately their option as its ours to buy.

  10. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Thank you Torrid <33 don't ever stop making poses or I won't blog anymore eheh !! (though I've been slightly MEH/tired since this last post)

  11. Flori Laval says:

    Hello Uma,
    love that post, and have to say that i am a fan of yours and your imaginative style.
    I think, now that i am n Summer, and i have more free time to use in SL with my shop, modeling and all,.. i am going to see your blog all days!

    A big hug!

    Flori xox

    If you are interested n a littel challenge, about an outfit, just contact me

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